Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review : L.A. Colors Waterproof Mascara

Hey everyone!

How's your rainy Thursday?
I was lucky to be at home and didn't have to go through the hassle of being out in the uber heavy rain. I just pampered myself with a nice nap then a cup of black coffee with Chocnut! Haha!

Next in my series of reviews is an affordable mascara that some of you might already have tried...

L.A. Colors Waterproof Mascara

This is around Php 150.00 - 200.00. This mascara only comes in black.

I actually bought this just because I wanted to try something from the brand. :P

So let's see what this mascara is all about...

Additional info from the website:

Lash building mascara is specially formulated to maximize, lenthen, & thicken lashes. Special applicator brush seperates each lash without clumping.

The brush of this mascara is quite big. The bristles are formed in a way that it effectively separates the lashes, avoiding them to get clumped up together. It's easy to apply at the top lashes but can be quite difficult on the bottom lashes and at the sides of top lashes, especially if the lashes in those areas are too short.

The packaging looks cheap but it is an affordable one so I didn't expect so much. I just didn't like that the label gets rubbed off easily.

Let's see its performance in the next series of photos. My eyes are quite tired-looking here, not so sure why... :P

My bare eyes

My eye lashes curled

One coat of L.A. Colors Waterproof Mascara

It kinda pulled down my lashes. The formula is quite heavy I guess since this doesn't happen to some of my mascaras.

So I re-curled them and added a second coat

See! My lashes didn't have any clumps at all!

And it appeared a little longer and with more volume too.

Is it really waterproof? It is. I tried washing it off with running water and nothing happens but it comes off when you rub it. It also survived during a hot day when I was sweating bad while in a long commute. The downside is I get some smudges under my eyes when I get oily. 

What I like:

Locally Available
No Clumps
Waterproof - more like water resistant though

What I dont like:

Smudges below my eyes when I get oily
Formula is quite heavy - pulls down my lashes
Wand is tricky to use especially at the bottom and sides of lashes

Overall, this mascara is a good find considering it performs well and it is soooo affordable. But would I buy again? I think I won't. I have tried better mascaras and I don't mind paying more for those.

What do you think of L.A. Colors' Waterproof Mascara?



  1. Pretty good mascara. And affordable too. =)You should try their nail polishes.

  2. Personally I've been eyeing their colored eyeliners and polishes! In terms of the results on your lashes, there is a difference but still to natural for me, I like more drama! thanks for reviewing!

  3. Haven't tried this mascara yet. I'm very loyal with Maybelline mascaras. Currently using the Falsies Volum Express. Just like what you've said, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more then for a better mascara :)

  4. Charlie = I'm planning to someday!

    Sharlynn - I agree. More dramatic lashes for me too!

    Gellie - I love Maybelline too but I just love to explore other products too. :P