Friday, March 01, 2013

Korres Zea Mays Blushes in Pink and Orange Brown

Hello, lovelies!

My sister brought some of her makeup from Australia when she visited almost 2 months ago. Two of those are these blushes from Korres.

Korres Blushes in Zea Mays Blush and Orange Brown

It was my first time to try their products when she showed me these.

She gave me the Pink one since it doesn't suit her skin tone now. She's very tanned now so she's more into peaches.

This one she uses as a bronzer. It's the perfect bronzer for her tanned skin. It gives an extra glow too because of the subtle gold shimmers!

And here are the swatches!

Pretty, huh?

I'm definitely enjoying the Pink Blush. Will use it in one of my FOTD's soon. :)

Have you tried any Korres Blush yet?



  1. does the bronzer have shimmer?

    i like how the pink looks :D post FOTD of it soon :D

  2. Can't wait to see it in your FOTD soon :)

  3. Yet to try korres face products but Im in love with their lipstick! I can totally see that peach being such a beautiful warming shade on tanned skin! Can't wait to see, I just got myself a laurer mercier shimmer bloc! Can't wait to use it!! ^^

  4. Jelly - it does. Just some subtle gold shimmer. :)

    Gellie and Sharlynn - Will post one sometime soon. :)