Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Divisoria Haul Part 2: The Shoes

Hello ladies,

Sadly, only my mom and my sister bought shoes. My mom deemed that I've already bought a lot of stuff for myself (clothes mostly) so she did not want to buy me any. Anyway, at least I got to pick her shoes and she quite liked them... something different from her usual shoe choices.. :)

These pair, I really wanted them to for myself... but since my mom did not want me to buy anymore, I convinced her that they looked really good on her... which they do... but still, there is that little secret plot of getting her to buy them so I can use them too. Hehe. :)

Mom's jean strapped shoes. She wanted to buy the black leather one but we told her she always buys black leather straps... time for a little change. These denim pair work just as good as the black strapped ones for office or for any other semi casual event. Out with the thinking that denim is only good for casual Fridays.

These lovely pair of heels are a great find for my sister whose school requires them to wear heels (wedge shoes excluded) that are all white (even the heel has to be white). Quite a demanding requirement just so you can graduate. They are the hardest to locate! But nothing is impossible to find in Divisoria! If you look hard enough that is.

So anyway, those are our shoe purchase... part 3 will be the clothes. Tune in for that! :)


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