Monday, March 04, 2013

Etude House 2013 Spring Makeup Collection - Sweet Recipe

Hey guys!

It's Monday again!

I know most of us dread this day of the week but let's lighten up the mood by taking a look on Etude House's 2013 Spring Makeup Collection called, Sweet Recipe!

I attended an event launch on this last Wednesday wherein I got some of the items in the collection which I shall share my thoughts on in future reviews so I'm hoping you'll stay tuned for that!
The collection is actually inspired from the Brothers Grimm Classic Fairy Tale, "Hansel and Gretel." 

 The makeups in this collection are all pastel colors which are the trend for this year's Spring season as shown in the looks of the new models for the brand, Krystal and Sulli of f(X). (Dara, I will soooo miss you as EH's endorser)

What I like most about this collection is the packaging! The motifs are desserts and candies! Yummy, right?

Here are the products included in the collection with corresponding description and some of my thoughts about them:

Baby Choux Base
Choux cream textured makeup base supplies moist, bright coverage for flawlessly soft skin.
 This is probably the product I am most interested in. It smells great too!

Dear My Jelly Lips

Jelly textured lipstick supplies moist shine and sweet colors for long wear comfort.
 These are translucent in color and very moisturizing!

Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color
Cream textured color for lips, cheek and eye in delicious cupcake designs.
 Not much of a fan of cream makeup but the colors are lovely! 

Sweet Recipe Candy Stick

Fruit scented tint gloss in fun candy cane designs and popping colors. 
Yayyyy! Candy Canes!! I super love these things! Too bad I don't have one in my press kit. :P

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes
Brown colored eye shadow comes in three shades and chocolate bar design.  
This can be used as brow makeup too! 

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter
 Cream colored highlighter comes in three shades and white chocolate bar design. 
White chocolate is LOVE! I've swatched this and it's really awesome! :)

Sweet Recipe Choco Stick Eyeliner Brush and Shadow Brush
 All-purpose eyeliner brush supplies professional touch with choco stick design.
 Eye shadow makeup brush supplies professional touch with choco stick design.

Sweet Recipe Cotton Candy Ball
Colorful cotton candy balls for nail color removal and cleansing.
 I don't think I could ever use this! They look so cuuuuttteee!! I'll just put this on display in my room. Haha!

Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs
Quality foundation makeup sponges shaped like cake slices apply and spread coverage with ease.
These are good applicators! The shape makes applying foundations/ BB Cream so easy and the corners help a lot in reaching the delicate and inner areas of the face. And they are washable too!

Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes
Two-toned eyeshadows baked and infused with pearl to supply sweet shimmer and color.
 Baked eyeshadows that are paired in complimentary colors!

Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails
 Glitter & stone infused pastel nail colors in yummy ice cream cone designs.
 Super love these! Will post an NOTD on this soon!

That's quite a lot of items in a collection, huh?
And aren't they just SO CUTE? 
Excited to share with you my experience with these sweet little things! 

So, what do you think of the collection?
Which one are you looking forward to try out?