Wednesday, May 01, 2013

My April Glamourbox!

 Hey gorgeous!

Yesterday, I received my Glamourbox for the month of April!

I am not a regular subscriber to any box anymore. So for this month I decided to try get a Glamourbox... BUT I forgot to cancel my recurring subscription to Salad Box so I will be receiving an April Box on that one too. Haha!

So anyway, back to my unboxing of my glamourbox...

The box is neatly wrapped with the really nice and sturdy box.

 This month's box is all about nature and the beauty benefits it gives us!

Here's the list of products with their description and prices:

And I was happy that some of the items are in their full size! :)

So in the order that they are written in the item list, here are the pictures of the items:
(Please use the picture of the items list as reference)

Picture above is my favorite inside the box!

I got the Tomato one before. I liked it so I can't wait to try this one out!

 Already received one in one of my salad boxes. 

Overall, I like the items in this month's box. I wasn't entirely happy that I got 2 soaps in one box but I guess it's fine. I'm still excited to try them all.

So what are you most interested in this month's Glamourbox that I got?
Which one would you want me to review first?



  1. Hope you'd make a review of the pixi glow something product. The box is so vintage-y cute :)

  2. I haven't received mine but this made me excited.Thanks for posting this! ;)

    Cj -

  3. I love the PIXI lip balm and the lotion. However, not so happy to be receiving two soaps in a box too. But then, we'll see. Maybe the other products will turn out fine too :-)

  4. Gellie - Will do!

    Cj - You're welcome

    Prudence - I've tried both already from my Saladboxes before. I like the Mir & Ryvi for my skin... too bad they don't give out full sized ones! Hahaha! :P