Monday, May 20, 2013

Girlstuff Nail Polish

Hey everyone!

Have you tried any nail polish from Girlstuff?
This brand is quite new to me since I've just heard of it a month ago from reading blogs.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those who were given the opportunity to try some of their polishes.

I went to one of their Kiosks (at SM North to be exact) to get my package and was so delighted that they made me choose the shades I wanted to take home.

There were SO MUCH to choose from!

They have quite a variety of colors that I'm sure that you will surely find the perfect shade of polish you'd like!

They also have interesting products like a magnetic polish and a washable one... YES, it's WASHABLE!
But I'll share more on that in a separate post. :)

Here are their shade selections:

It took me a while to decide on which one to get. I think I stared on that list for more than 10 minutes. During that long time, I was briefed by their super friendly SA, Maryrose, about what Girlstuff is all about.

Girlstuff is a brand of nail polish that doesn't have any harmful chemicals. It's so safe that kids and pregnant women can use it! These wouldn't turn your nails yellowish either! These polishes are made in France but even if these aren't locally made, they are quite affordable considering the quality of these products.

So finally, I ended up taking home these items:
Got 3 of their nail polish
2 Magnetic Polish
and 1 Washable nail polish

If you inspect closely the packaging, the shape is quite unique...

The back has the ingredients list...

at the bottom has the batch number and manufacturing and expiry dates.
And look! 2 years life span! Nice!

The brush's size is just enough to easily apply the polish on the nails. I have small nails on my toes so it's hard for me to have a clean application there when I use some other polishes. 

I will show you first the 3 Nail polishes I got:

Sparkling Maroon, Plink and Dare

Here are closeups of the bottle and when applied on my nails:

I got these color in 2 coats. You can get a more solid effect if you add more coats. They are already shiny without any top coats! YES! Those pics above are 'top coat-less.'

They easily dry on the nails (if you do not apply too much coats) and they don't have that strong chemical smell. I'm super loving them!

Will definitely visit their kiosks again someday to get more shades.
Prices differ for each kind of polish (regular is P100, shimmery ones are 140, Magnetic ones are around P250).

Stay tuned for my post on the magnetic and the washable nail polishes soon!
For more info, you can visit their Facebook Page!

Have you tried Girlstuff Nail Polish yet?
What do you think about their product? :)



  1. Seems like the last one (Sparkling Maroon) is a little bit grainy/bubbly. Nice, inexpensive brand. Seems like a great go-to for boosting up your mani collection :P

  2. Tellie - I think it's just on the way I applied it or maybe the way the glitters sparkle. It doesn't look so in person. :P