Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review : Apollo Petroleum Jelly

Hello everyone!

I am currently struggling in writing this post right now because I am using an android pad which I've only used once to watch some tv series episodes I've missed.
I'm getting frustrated that I don't have my laptop (it's still broken) and I'm not sure if I am lucky enough to convince my mom to buy me a new one. Haha! 

But anyway, I just wanted to share the reason why I've been avoiding writing long posts and why I barely do blog visits.

So on to the beauty talk!

The product I will be reviewing for you is one of my current "besties."
Why do I say that?
Let's just say that it does so many things alone! I can throw away 4 products and just have this one.

Apollo Petroleum Jelly

This jar was sent to me for review but this brand and product is not new to me. My sis used to buy this to treat the roughness of the feet and avoid them from cracking.

The jar is not fancy unlike most beauty products I use but as you can see in the label at the back, this is a not only beauty product, it's multitasking. Besides catering to some of our beauty needs, it does other things like soothe scrapes and burns and even diaper rashes!

But for ladies that are very much interested in prettifying ourselves, they made some beauty tips for us :

So I did try all these tips and give my thoughts on the product's performance on each in a bit.

I use a spatula to scoop the product out. It's not really nice that you apply the product on your feet then get some more to put on your lips, even if you make sure that you have cleansed the areas already. :P

And so on to the beauty tips:

As a lipstick protectant:
I barely notice it's help on making the lippies more long-lasting but it gives the glossy finish that some may like. It also adds some moisturizing effect that prevents the lip bleed effect on darker lipsticks.

As a Lip Balm:
This is so true. No chapping whenever I use this! Only problem for me is that it really feels thick in consistency. It feels greasy.

Eye makeup remover:
I wasn't sure if this was true when I read this but I was surprised when I used it in removing my waterproof eyeliners and mascara. It really did the job well! But I still rinse it off afterwards because I don't like the oily/greasy feeling of the product on my eyelids. :P

Foot and Hand Softener:
Now this is probably my favorite among all of its uses. I use it on my feet every night! I walk a lot and my feet are starting to have those cracks and those rough calluses. Even foot spas can't cure all these. Good thing I have Apollo Petroleum Jelly who helps a lot in improving my feet's state.

Besides these, you can also use this product when applying your nail polishes. Apply the product on the skin near the nails so that when you apply the polish but accidentally put excess on the sides, then you can just easily wipe it off for a clean finish. I also remember using petroleum jelly when making artworks, more specifically, little sculptures using plaster of paris. 

This product really does deliver. Who needs to buy 4 products when 1 can do it all?
I recommend it to those who are practical and on a budget. And oh, especially to those who like to walk and are on the go! Our feet needs love too!

And it's also available in different sizes -  25g, 50g, 100g, and 200g and it is available at all Mercury Drug stores and leading supermarkets nationwide.

Do you use petroleum jellies as beauty products too?


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  1. I've been using this since I was a kid!! Now I use it to soften my hands and foot. Very effective.

    By the way! I have made a tag named "ALL ABOUT NAILS". Would you like to come and join me in posting your nail product collections?

    Check this link: http://clarisselitiatco.blogspot.com/2013/02/all-about-nails-part-1-nail-art.html

    I hope you join me. :)