Thursday, May 05, 2016

Purple Hair Part 2: Recoloring Success

Hello girls,

Remember my post a few weeks ago about my messed up purple hair goal? If not let me refresh you.

Here was my awesome first day post coloring, which I initially really liked because I had purple hair with cool blue highlights. Until...

The purple washed out and turned brown and white and blue in a really badly coordinated way.

And this is why it is very important that you find a really great stylist who takes care of you and your hair. Sent this photo above to Ms. Rich Abella and she took care of the whole hair fiasco. As you know she has been my stylist for the last two years and I trust her with my hair the most; and I trusted that she could fix the whole thing.

So, we recolored my hair to an even darker shade of purple.

Here it was at the start.

She was able to even out the coloring of my hair. 

Goodbye to the browns and blue streaks and the in between.

Like before, since this one was much darker, it looked almost black in dim/indoor light.

Photo above was taken the day after coloring. Up close, you can really see the purple shining through but from afar, it looks black with an outline of purple.

So I did the same washing routine as the first color. My first wash was 2 days post-color and immediately, my crown appeared lighter than the rest of my hair. And it just got progressively lighter with every wash until all traces of purple were gone.

With the recolor, this is how the color turned out after 2nd wash.

Here is how it looks post second wasing under cloudy sunlight. As you can see, it's still dark but you can tell that it's purple and evenly colored.

When light strikes through, this is how it looks. Pretty purple wouldn't you say?

After the third wash, this is how it looks with indoor lighting.

It's a little less darker, and more vibrant than when it started.

Sorry about all the sweating, it was super hot that day.

Here is how it looks under the shade in the afternoon.

My hair looks super dry because I haven't washed it for two days and I just took off my braids.

And this is how it looks under the yellow light of the setting sun.

I am confident that this recolor will last longer than the previous one. However, using the right dye is just the first step to achieving and making your hair color last.

This is arguably my first super vibrant hair color but previous hair coloring experiences have thought me a lot about making hair color last longer.

1. Wash your hair every other day instead of everyday.

I know most people would say eew... but trust me, if you want to keep that color from washing away, you really have to lessen the time you wash it.

2. If you wash it, wash with Sulfate Free shampoo (but limit it to twice a week only).

The first time I used a sulfate free shampoo was when I colored my hair copper after a failed blue black coloring. Which was pretty expensive to say the least. But totally worth it, you can read about that review here

I previously shared that L'Oreal had a cheaper sulfate-free shampoo which I found at SM North Edsa. However, when I went back this year, it was no longer there. So I had to settle with the salon brands which cost around 1k to 1.5k per bottle. 

This Schwarzkopf Color Freeze shampoo costs around 1.5k, and is only around 250 mL. 

But since Vivere had a promo, I also bought a conditioner and paid around 2.3k for these three products. The mousse is free and I will review that in the coming days.

The shampoo significantly reduces the color wash out. The rinse water is lighter colored than when you use regular shampoo. I also noticed that when you wash with it, even the rinse water after using a conditioner is lighter compared to when I don't wash it with the sulfate free shampoo prior.

So back to shampoo routine. This advice will not only help you lengthen the vibrancy of your hair, but it will also help you save money from constantly buying sulfate-free stuff.

3. When you wash your hair, never forget the conditioner.

You can forget about using shampoo for every hair wash but never forget the conditioner. It is super important to never forget to use it, especially if you bleached your hair prior to coloring it. My hair is super course after shampoo, even just after wetting it. So even though I never had the habit of putting conditioner on, I now live by it.

 I was not able to find the cheap L'Oreal Sulfate-free shampoo but I did find their Ever Sleek Sulfate-free Smoothing System conditioner. They're 50% less than their salon counter parts so that's a good deal. I actually initially thought I bought the shampoo, and it saddens me that they seemed to have discontinued this. I really wanted to give the shampoo a try and compare with their Pureology product.

This conditioner is less slippery as compared to your regular conditioners, probably due to its silicone free property. It does tame my hair and reduces frizz and hair is very soft afterwards. But, I have not really seen any much difference with using a sulfate-free conditioner and using any regular conditioner like Cream silk. The rinse water is the same whether I use a sulfate-free conditioner and when I use a regular conditioner.

I think the difference will show as you use it longer, but since I don't want to risk losing my purple hair, I can't really attest to that. Sorry. But for anyone who has tried both worlds for a long time, I hope they'd comment and help me sort this one out.

So that's it or my second shot at my purple hair goal. I hope my tips help you and I hope you can help me in keeping my color on for longer by commenting your own tips at making hair color last. 


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