Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review : Heroine Make Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara

Hello loves!

Mascara is one of those makeup that can make a huge difference on one's face. It can brighten the eyes even without any eyeshadow or eyeliner. It's absolutely one of my must-haves in my makeup routine.

I've discovered and fallen in-love with a number of good mascaras but I'm always open on trying out other ones. I get super happy when I find something really good and that's what happened when I tried this one from Heroine Make...

Heroine Make Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara
Php 595.00

I actually got this product during the launch of the brand 3 weeks ago. During the launch was the first time I was able to use any product from the brand and I really enjoyed playing with them. I'm happy that I was able to take home three. :D

So anyway, let's get back to the review. Here are some product info from the back of the packaging:

It promises the three things I look for in a mascara—curl, volume, and waterproof!

The packaging is a hot pink tube with a black cap with lace designs. I'm not really a fan of the design... I'm confused whether it's trying to be cute and princessy or simple and elegant... anyway, I guess it's just not my taste. I like the simple shape though because it's easy to carry around your vanity kit.

This mascara is black and it holds 6g amount of product.

I'm not a fan of the scent because it is sort of chemical-ish. But you will only notice it if you actually sniff the product. You'll barely notice it when you use it since it is applied on the lashes. :P

I forgot to take a pic of the wand. I'll try to insert one sometime soon. Anyway, the wand is medium size and it gets more narrow at the tip so that it would be easier to apply on the lashes at the inner corners of the eyes and on the lower lashes.

Let's see how it works on my lashes!

Bare lashes

When curled

One coat

Two coats

Three coats

The formula dries fast when applied so applying more than two coats can result to spider lashes. But at least I don't get any clumping... I still recommend you to stop at two coats, especially if you have long lashes already.

Here are my eyes with two coats of the mascara

See? Looks better, right?

I super love that it retains the curl of my lashes. Actually, even without an eyelash curler, this mascara makes my lashes look great because my lashes are naturally curled and this just retains them while also elongating them.

It's very long lasting. It lasts the whole day without smudging! Not even on the lower lash line like some mascaras I've used before. It's actually waterproof! It's so good but be prepared to do an extra effort in removing this because just like many waterproof makeup, it takes time to completely remove this. Just make sure to have a good eye makeup remover handy.

So it retains the curled lashes and is waterproof... but how's the volumizing part? I actually don't see much added volume to be honest. I think this made my lashes look longer... so it is more like a lengthening than a volumizing mascara. I like the effect but I just prefer my lashes with more volume.

So let's sum this all up!

What I LIKE:

- Waterproof
- Easy to use
- Lengthening
- Dries fast after application
- Retains the curl of my lashes
- No smudging
- Locally available
- Affordable
- No clumping
- No allergic reaction in my part


- Scent
- Doesn't give much volume

Would I repurchase?
Maybe not because I am eyeing the other mascara from the same brand. The one with black packaging that promises both volume and length! Wooot!

I definitely recommend this mascara. I really like it because it makes my lashes look so long like that of a doll's! It's really good and it's still within my budget!

So what are your thoughts on Heroine Make's Kiss Me Volume and Curl Mascara? Would you consider trying this out?



  1. This is actually my holy grail mascara! The Long & curl version. Once you use this for about 2-4 weeks and it gets a bit drier, one thick coat will seriously give you so much volume and length! I love how this is super waterproof, ive been repurchasing for the last 4 years. At least 2-3 tubes a year! I like having two opened!

    1. I'm glad to hear that you also like it. I'm loving this so far and can't wait to see if it will eventually volumize my lashes too. :D

  2. everyone loves Japanese mascaras ^^