Friday, January 17, 2014

Review : Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in #2 Brown

Hello loves!

Many of you probably know that well-groomed brows can make a great difference in one's look. So before leaving the house, check first if you've done your brows. Make sure to fill in the gaps if there's any. You can even skip the lipstick and the eyeshadows and you'd still look great!

 I have those nasty gaps that make my brows look too uneven so I make sure I have a brow product to take care of them. I've used some from different brands. Even if I found some that are good, I'm still experimenting with others. 

So I bought this last September...
Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
This is Php 128.00 only and available in 4 shades.

The shade I bought is Brown.
Actually, I have really dark eyebrow hair so my perfect shade from Etude House is the dark brown one. I've used their Drawing Eye Brow Pencil before and it's definitely a favorite of mine. I just went with Brown this time since I got my hair colored lighter and needed to match it with my brows.

Back of the product has labels but it's in Korean so I can't read it. But I visited their website for more info on this product:

Wax softens with pencil accurate application to supply long lasting hold and accentuation.

Errr... still a confusing description so I got another one from BDJ Box:

The Etude House Easy Brow Pencil has a smooth texture for natural brows, and is also water-proof for a long lasting effect. This easy-to-use tool gives you perfectly shaped brows. 

True enough, this is very easy to use. The wax is soft and pigmented that easily glides on the skin. It also has a brow brush to help blend the wax for a more natural look. But I don't often use the brush because the bristles are quite hard. 

A closeup of the pencil

Unlike the Drawing Eye Brow Pencil, this one can be sharpened. One can find it a hassle but I think this pencil has more product in it compared to the other. The Drawing Eye Brow's "lead" is only around 2 inches long.

Swatch on hand

The texture is waxy. More slippery compared to the other eyebrow pencil I've tried from the brand. It's also more pigmented so my advice is to be extra careful in applying it so that the brows would not look too strong... well, that is if you're going for a natural brow look.

So here's my bare brows:
Really dark and has gaps at the tail part. I shaved it way back in high school and it didn't grow back anymore. The other brow has a thicker tail. :|

So here are shots of the products in action:
With the product only
Obviously it isn't the right color for me IF I wear it alone. Since I have colored my hair lighter, I try to match it with my brows so I wouldn't look ridiculous with light, reddish brown hair with black brows. :P

Here's my brows when I apply it with this product and Tony Moly's Browcara.

The mascara couldn't even cover the blackness of my brows perfectly. LOL But I think it looks better than no product at all! :P

The product is easy to use and is very handy in your kikay kit. I bring this with me all the time but I rarely use it outside my home since it's long-lasting—I don't need to do much retouching! :D

So to sum my review up:

What I LIKE:

- Affordable
- Locally Available
- Comes with a brush
- Cute packaging
- Good color pigmentation
- Available in 4 shades
- Long-lasting


- Too waxy for my liking

Would I buy again?
I don't think I would since I still prefer the Drawing Eye Brow from the same brand. I think I'd buy that. :P

So what are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried this yet? 



  1. I prefer the Drawing Eyebrow too! It's very easy to use and affordable! :)

  2. Genzel - Yayy! Both are easy to use and affordable but Drawing Eyebrow work better for me. :D