Monday, January 13, 2014

Review : Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows

Hello dears!

I found a really great and affordable eyeshadow base from Essence Makeup.
It's the...

Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows
Php 209.00

I actually bought one just because I wanted to try something from the brand. I liked it so much that I bought another one in a different shade.

This is the first one I bought.

The shade is called For Fairies.

I bought it because I find the warm pink tone so pretty.

It's very shimmery, even close to being metallic. It's a cream eyeshadow but it's not to creamy. You'll have to build it up to get its full color.

Here's a swatch on my hand.

And here it is on my eyelids.

Actually, I don't like it on its own. It creases within three or four hours. BUT if you top it off with powder eyeshadows, it becomes a really, really good base!

So here's what it usually looks like when I top it off with powder eyeshadow that's near its shade.

That's basically my everyday eye makeup (and sorry for not prepping my brows haha). :P 

This is a really good base. It makes the powder shadows look bolder and last longer. Even if this is shimmery, the matte eyeshadows stay matte! I use For Fairies for cool, pink toned eye makeup. 

But for gold or warm based looks, I bought a different shade..

I got the shade Glammy Goes To...

This is a pretty shade of gold.

And oh, I love the packaging. The design makes it look like it's worth more than Php 209.00.

Here's a swatch on my hand:

And here's a product on my lids:

So yeah, I use this as a base. It works with every look even with smoky eyes!

What I LIKE:

- Affordable
- Great eyeshadow Base—makes ES last longer and look bolder
- Beautiful pigmentation that works well under any kind of eyeshadow, even matte ones!
- Locally available
- Cute packaging


- Doesn't last long on its own

Would I buy again?
I'll buy the other shades!!! I even got my sister to buy some too! :P

So do you have any thoughts on the Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadows? :)



  1. Have you tried Maybelline Color Tattoos? They seem like such similar products but since this is available here, maybe I'll go with Essence instead :P

  2. Tellie - Haven't tried the Maybelline one yet e. I like that this is affordable but works soooo well.

  3. Lovely products! I really like the darker one, that would be a great base! You definitely NEED to try the maybelline color tattoo, especially the bronze and the teal, they are so waterproof you don't need to set them for the whole day!

  4. Sharlynn - Wow... now I'm so curious to try that Maybelline Color Tattoo! Will watch out for it! :D