Thursday, January 02, 2014

Nivea Lemon Grass and Oil Creme Soap

Good evening ladies,

I've long used up this product and have only found now to do the review on it.

Nivea is my go-to brand for deodorant and sunscreen, I never knew they had soap products until Dawn told me that they sent one to us. So, since the product is lemongrass, and at the time I was crazy for anything that had a citrus smell for soaps, I went and tried the product.

The smell is amazing by the way. It brings with it that refreshing feeling with the scent. Though it does not last the whole day, nor does it stick to the skin. I have this habit of smelling my arms when I'm using a fragrant soap so I'm aware that I do smell like the soap, so it kind of disappointed me that the smell didn't linger.

As for the moisture part, I have to say it's passable. I have dry skin to start with, so any soap that does not worsen it's condition, I give an average mark on moisture. I thought it would have helped decrease the dryness and thus I could let myself be lazy on putting lotion on my arms and legs.

Although I think this particular soap is no longer available in stores. I'm not really sure, but it definitely is not in Nivea's website's product listing.

Well, that's all for tonight.


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