Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Review : Tony Moly Natural Bubble Swallow's Nest Foam Cleanser

Hello loves!

About a month ago, I received some products from Tony Moly Philippines and one of them is this...

Tony Moly Natural Bubble Swallow's Nest Foam Cleanser
A bottle is Php 628.00.

You may think that it's a bit pricey for a cleanser compared to other cleansing foams from the brand. It's because it has the so called "bird's nest" which is made from a saliva of a bird. I'm not well-knowledgeable about this particular ingredient but according to some articles I've read online, this is a delicacy that is known to retain one's youthfulness. This is perhaps why many skin care regimen for aging include this in them.

Before my review, let's see what the labels on the box say about it:

And this is the bottle:

I'm a fan of the packaging. It looks beautiful and neat. It's very sturdy as well. But what I like most is the dispenser...

Just a soft push and you get this very foamy texture:

It's super foamy... like a shaving cream! My sister even said that it's foamier than the foam cleanser from Kiehl's! Amazing, right? I never thought washing the face could be so much fun! Haha!

I use this daily and around twice or thrice a week, I use a pore-cleansing brush. I can say that this is such an effective cleanser because when I apply my toner, I don't get much dirt or makeup on the cotton. 
But even if this cleans my skin thoroughly, it doesn't cause any drying. It is very gentle. My face still feels soft and clean! And for the past weeks that I've been using this, I didn't encounter any irritations nor breakouts.

What I LIKE:

- Packaging
- Cleans thoroughly
- Gentle on skin
- Smells good
- No irritations nor breakouts
- Locally available


- A bit pricey

Would I buy again?
Perhaps but I still want to try more cleansers. :)

So that's my thoughts on Tony Moly Natural Bubble Swallow's Nest Foam Cleanser. What foam cleansers do you use? Would you like to try this one out? :)


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