Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Corrector

Good evening ladies,

I think one of the biggest facial imperfection that women (and some men) would want to be rid of are big pores, right? Well, if not, it most certainly is one of mine. That's why I invest in products that can make them seemingly not there (refer to Porefessional post and Tea Tree Pore Minimizing Primer). So when I heard that there was a product that could actually make them smaller, tighter on it's own, I just had to try it.


So let's get on with this review. Firstly, I really like the bold, color-blocked, comic-ish style of the packaging. Although it doesn't really scream like this is a serious product, it does appeal much to the young and hip (sounding like a really old person) crowd, and even to my generation. 

The tube dispenser did not work out well for me and is one of the reasons why I wouldn't be buying the product again.

The reason being that the dispensing part is made in this kind of configuration and it wastes so much product. I do not really understand the purpose of it being made to look like this because I did not see it as ergonomic. I think it's made like this more for the purpose of it being unique than for any other useful reason. Furthermore, the cap was not at all helpful in plugging the opening so that the product would not leak out.

Product info in Korean

Directions for use

Apparently, the makers intended for it to be used in a special way, with the claims that it has a cooling effect. However, as I said earlier, it dispenses too much product and it's harder to control the amount you put on in that way.


The product has the same consistency as my aloe vera moisturizer, it certainly feels light-as-water, and dries up quick.

When you spread it, it leaves a  thin film which makes your skin feel smoothed out. However, it does come to the point that the thin film gets irritating and somehow, when you rub your face, the film flakes off.

After some days, I started getting break-outs. Even Dawn told me that she had break-outs after using wonder pore. So I stopped using it completely. 


I most certainly would not buy this product again since:
1. The tube dispenser system is flawed.
2. Too much product is wasted on the cap
3. It has not improved my pores.

In all honesty, I have not encountered a product that can truly minimize ones pores. It usually requires the camouflage of make-up to complete the poreless look. It might take me sometime but I hope I find a good one.



  1. I have a feeling that this kind of product purges your skin before making it all better? But I'm not sure! And it's really hard to say such things because I don't want to encourage anyone to compromise their face. SAYANG ANG GANDA!

  2. Aw I'm sooo sorry this product didn't work out on so many levels! Thank you for sharing so much! I am also looking out for a pore product to try and Benefits is on my list right now!

  3. I thought this product was any good! Buti nalang i didn't buy it when i was casually strolling around the dept store. Thanks for the review, dawn!

  4. Thank you for the honest review! I'm skeptical on "pore products" as well, as most of them don't even make that big of a change. But your review was really helpful!~ ^^ <3

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