Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nature Republic: Natural Lemon Cleansing Water

Good evening ladies,

I've always been curious about what cleansing waters are for, only to find out that they're similar to toners and make up removers. So, since I've already used up my two make up removers (Bifesta water-based make up remover and Human Nature Sunflower Oil Make up Remover), I've opted to try this one by Nature Republic.

Here's my short review

First off, the reason why I was so willing to try it, aside from this was a gift, it's relatively cheaper compared to Bifesta. This is a 500 ml bottle with a free box of cotton pads and it costs around 425 Php (if I'm not mistaken) which is definitely cheaper than the 300 ml pump bottle of Bifesta that costs around 300 - 400.

Ingredients, How to Use and Cautions

So with regards to it's make up removing ability, the performance is good. It can melt water-proof make up and heavy gel liners well, however, a reasonable amount of time is required in leaving the soaked cotton pressed over those types of make ups. Also, it gives off a lemony fresh scent which helps rejuvenate you, a welcome bonus especially when you've had a really hectic day. With regards to the caution of contact with the eyes, as long as you do not spray the liquid itself onto your eyes, you're good to go.

Am I bothered that it's not a pump? No, since there is a good control of the dispensed liquid even in this type of bottle. Also, somehow, with these, I think pumps are more wasteful so I actually prefer it this way.

What this product does not have is the variety which Bifesta offers. Not that I can tell the difference between each solution, but yes, that seems to be a bit of a turn off for some. What this has, however, is that it is also available in Green Tea. So if' you don't like the lemony scent opt for the Green Tea one.

Like what I mentioned earlier, this comes with a box of cotton pads. I just love the packaging of the cotton pad box. 



As a toner, it's not as good as the ones really labeled as TONER. I'm not sure how to explain it but it just doesn't feel as clean as when you use a toner. Also, there's a little less dirt/residue on the tissue when using this one than when using a regular toner.

So in summary:

What I like:
Comes with a free box of cotton pads
Lemon Scent
Can remove make up well

What I don't like:
Nothing much really

Well, that's it for this short review of this cleansing water. Maybe I'll start using other cleansing waters when I finish this one so I have some other comparisons. Hope this helped you. 



  1. This is a great find! Did you get this from their stores here or did you purchase online? I want to try green tea.

  2. Hey Rae! Bought this from their boutique at SM North, The Block. :D