Sunday, January 26, 2014

Taking the Short Cut

Good evening ladies,

Since the pixie cut is still the trend and has an extended stay until this year, here are pointers to remember before you start chopping off your hair.

See, I'm quite used to wearing my hair short and there has only been a few instances when I've actually had long hair. So I guess, I can somewhat dub myself an authority when it comes to short hairstyles. So here are my pointers before deciding to cut off your hair in favor of the Pixie.

1. Look in the mirror, and try to tie your hair/style your hair such that you have a visual of how you'd look like if you ever get a pixie cut. Then ask yourself, are you really ready to cut off all that hair just to get trendy?

Although I've worn my hair short a million times, before I decided to chop it all off, I initially intended to wear it long until my graduation day. But since my hair started showing signs of damage (a heck of a lot of falling hair), I had to have it cut real short to let it grow out. It's a scary thing to get your hair cut that short and is also one of the most liberating thing I've done. So, if you've decided to take the plunge, let's move on to advise no.2.

2. Find your stylist/s and never let them go.

They say that when you get your hair cut that short, it becomes quite low maintenance and you won't have to frequent the salon as much. WRONG! When you go pixie you'd need someone you can trust with the scissors to know what they're doing, more than just copying the style on the magazine, but fitting that style to suit your face.

See, all these nice cuts from my whole year of wearing a pixie hairstyle to letting it grow out were not all pretty. You have to constantly get it trimmed and shaped the right way for it to grow out beautifully. That's why it's important to get a stylist and stick with them while you're planning on wearing your hair short. I've had experience of changing stylists midway because the first stylist was not available/was too expensive and it ruined my whole look. So from then on, I've decided to get one and one stylist only for the whole length of my pixie hair experience.

Here are some of the unglamorous phases of a pixie growing out.

Number 3 is somewhat related to number 2, so here we go.

3. Plan how you're going to grow that hair back.

The bittersweet part about getting a pixie cut is not when you get your long hair cut, it's when you finally decide to grow it out. Honestly speaking, once you've had your hair this short, it's hard imagining how it's going to go back to being long because of the "awkward hair length" phase (like the ones above). And that's how most people get stuck with wearing short hair forever.

So how do you get out of that rut? Your stylist of course. For me, Rich from Azta Salon SM San Lazaro branch has been my hair's savior. I just told her, I'm going to grow my hair out and immediately, she knew how we'd go about it. So now, my pixie has gotten long enough to get a posh bob cut, all thanks to her.

So that's all the tip I can give. If you're already wearing a pixie cut and is getting bored of it, get it colored as often as you want... You won't need to spend as much money on it compared to when it's long. Take GD as an example (not that he's wearing a pixie), to avoid becoming a bore, he plays with his hair color as often as he likes. As for me, L'Oreal, HBC, and Azta Urban Salon has helped me achieve my hair color transformations for the past few months. So many thanks to them. 

If that doesn't work for you, then accessorize.

Well, that's all for me today. Hope this helped you in some way.


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