Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beauty and Bright: Skin Lightening Body Soap & Anti-Aging Serum Bar

Good evening ladies,

Today, I'll be giving my thoughts on this beauty bar by Beauty and Bright. This is one of the organic soaps that were given to us to sample. I have a hard time giving comments on soap products so, please bear with me as I try to relay to you my experience.


There is little to comment about the packaging, the design is quite simple and straight forward. I don't really see myself buying this if I ever pass by it in the grocery since the design is plain.

As was said earlier, this soap is organic and would probably be the one reason why I'd go over and look at it to buy it.

I guess because it is organic, it has a short life span, expires after 3 years.

Ingredients list and directions for use. It's the first time I've encountered instructions to leave the soap on and let the body absorb anything. I apparently had been misusing the soap for the first few weeks that I've tried it. Good thing I came across the instructions.


I cannot really comment on the lightening effect of this product since I don't notice those details as keenly although I did notice a certain lightness to my color, almost like a glow. As for the anti-ageing properties, that I cannot comment since I'm not really sure how people quantify ageing of the skin. If they mean anti-ageing when the product makes their skin feel soft and smooth, then I'd say, this product has successfully done that. But real skin ageing is seen under the scope, and that proof I cannot comment on.

The bar has a lovely scent though. It smells strongly of moringa which adds to the fresh smell of lemon, making your bath time the freshest and most invigorating part of the day.

That's all I can comment on this soap. Hope to encounter it in the stores so I can further see it's effects.


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