Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review : Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring Browcara in Light Brown

Hello loves!

Looking for a product to match your hair color? Then a brow mascara is what you need! I've been getting my haired colored lately and my brows are thick and black which obviously doesn't look good with my reddish brown hair.

So I've been trying out different brow mascaras out there just to lighten the strands. One of the products I've used is...

Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring Browcara
This is Php 348.00.

I bought this a couple of months ago at their store in SM North.

The packaging is pretty simple—just a brown tube with few labels (that I can't read Lol).

So here are some info from their website:

It comes in 2 shades. Mine is in light brown though I think I should have gotten the Grey Brown first. :P

Here's the wand. It's uneven since one side has shorter bristles than the other. The size is just right to easily apply the mascara on the brows. The wand gets an appropriate amount of product for each brow.

As directed on the info, apply first opposite the hair strands then brush it according the strands after. But before I apply this, I use a brow pencil to fill the gaps on my brows.

I actually have too dark brows that it doesn't look good in one coating. See the picture above.

So I apply two coats. I let the first coat dry first before adding another one.

Here's the final look of my brows after two coats.

The product doesn't wear off easily. Even if I have oily skin, it sticks pretty well. It lasts the whole day provided you don't scratch or wipe your brow area. Also, this product isn't  metallic unlike some of the brow mascaras I've used before.

What I LIKE:

- Affordable
- Locally Available
- Easy to use
- Not metallic


- Only comes in two shades (I wish they have a redder version for my hair match) 

Would I repurchase?
I like it but I'm not too impressed since I still need to coat my brows twice to get the desired color. I guess I'll have to try other brands first.

So what are your thoughts on Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring Browcara in Light Brown? Do you wear brow mascaras too? From which brand do you use?



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