Friday, March 06, 2015

FOTD: Merlot

Hey guys!

Sharing another FOTD with you all. :D

I was in a mood to go a little dark for the day but still something I can wear to work. I ended up using shades that are close to the color of red wine.

That's why I named this look "Merlot" and I also used an eyeshadow shade named Merlot in my LORAC Mega Pro Palette. :P

These are the products I used.

NYX Full Coverage Concealer in a Jar in Beige

The key parts of this makeup look are the eyes and lips. I concentrated the wine colors on those parts.

For the eyes, I mixed warm pinks, wine red, and dark brown.

A nice winged liner can add some sexiness to the already sexy color.

I also added a light pink shade under the lower lash line to contrast the dark shadows and liner.

A beautiful deep lippie is the star of this look. I just love this eye-catching shade from Avon although it has a tendency to bleed. 

So that's my look! If you have questions regarding this FOTD, comment them below! :)



  1. nice look dawn! love the lip color!! :)

  2. That marsala shadow! <3

  3. I love deep colored lippies like that <3 But I just wish I'm brave enough to wear them. I'm really shy <///3 XD

  4. I totally agree it looks very much like red wine and you've done the eye look soooo well! Love the lipstick too, it's such a gorgeous wine stain shade!

  5. Interesting~~~ I want to try a burgundy look :D It's actually near-ish (but not really) marsala :)

    1. Go! Share your selfie when you do a burgundy look too! :D

  6. Love, love, love the look!!! You nailed it! I'll give it a try.