Sunday, March 29, 2015

February-March 2015 Haul

Hey guys!

I'll be off to Jeju Island tomorrow so I won't be able to post as often as usual. I'm very excited though because I don't travel much, especially outside the country. I'll get to see a foreign place, experience a different culture, and shop! Haha! Anyway, will be sharing some of the items I shopped for the past couple of months!

Beauty Planet Brush Retractable Brushes

I was able to get these for around Php 150.00. They were on sale so I bought one for myself and the other two are for my officemates. The brushes are soft but I do experience a bit of shedding. Just a few strands so they're still good. They also look really cute!

More makeup brushes from Landmark

I can't remember the exact prices of these but I'm pretty sure that they are worth less than Php 200.00 each.

Some products that deal with my acne

I haven't opened the Zenutrients tea tree hydro gel yet. As for the Snoe one, I have reviewed it already. 

Some haircare products

Will make a review on the shampoo soon. The herbinol, I haven't tried yet.

More hygiene related products

Teas from Marks and Spencer

They were 30% off! Yay!

Art books about local artists

These were so affordable. One is only Php 100 and the other is Php 200.

The rest of the items were bought from Beauty Bar...

Got this one on sale. Original price was Php 295.00 and was able to get this less than Php 200.00

Bought this to take with me during my travel to Jeju.

And oh, I was able to grab these items while they were discounted. They were sold super cheap because they have this launch discount promo.

Mythos SPF25 Suncare Milk and Aloe Moisturizing and Cooling Gel plus a towel for Php 330.75. Original price is Php 945.00.

Mythos Deep Tan oil and After Sun Body Milk plus towel
Price is Php 295.75, original price was Php 845.00.

And those are my new items! Let me know if you find any of them interesting!



  1. Jeju Island!!! <3 Have a safe trip :)

    And you said you have too many brushes na XD

    I'm interested in western tea, I think I've only had western tea twice in my life. I only drink Japanese green tea or Chinese herbal tea and I don't even know the names of the Chinese tea I drink XD

    1. Ha! I'm not too knowledgeable with teas as well but I love drinking them. I like green teas as well as infusions but I don't mind drinking/trying out other kinds. :P

  2. Awesome finds, ate! Ang galing mo lagi maghanap ng discounts. 😭 resolved to consult you whenever I make a beauty product purchase. 😉 Enjoy Jeju!

    1. SURE! I'm just a PM/text away or ask me when you visit! Haha!

  3. Hay nako..... You with your nose for amazing sales! I'm so glad you're not my roommate or something. My wallet would be constantly empty if you were any closer to me!

    1. Hahaha! We should go shopping together pag may sales! I'll sniff out the best deals! Hahahaha!