Sunday, March 01, 2015

Saturday Makeover with Stacie (Me and My Girly Days)

Hey everyone!

Last Saturday, I met up with Stacie and did this makeover...

Stacie's really nice and very easy to talk to. She frequently comments on my blog posts and there was a time (last year I think) where she saw me waiting at UST and she approached me and told me that she reads the blog. It's always a pleasure to meet the readers and know that there are people who appreciate the Peachy Pink Sisters blog.

Stacie's also into beauty blogging! She recently started and she does reviews on makeup and skincare. She also shares some makeup looks too! Do check out her blog (Me and My Girly Days)!

Anyway, this makeover session started when I posted an FOTD and she commented about her not applying much eyeshadow on. I invited her to come over our house so we can do a simple makeover she can do. Below's the start of our conversation.

We talked more on Facebook and settled on the date for our meet up. It's a good thing that she studies at the same school as I do and I live very near the place. So I picked her up, had lunch to go and went to our place. We first did some fangirling (hello super gorgeous T.O.P) and also talked about a little bit about school and makeup.

After a couple of hours, it's makeover time! I asked her what look she wanted but she said that it's up to me. I thought that I should go with a wearable look (not my makeup experiments, LOL). Here are before and after pictures of the makeover...

I applied the products I usually put on on myself. You may also notice that the look is very similar to the looks that I wear on my blog posts. LOL

I asked her what kind of eye makeup she wanted. It's important that I show her how to cheat the monolid problem. With the proper contouring on the eyes, you can create a fake lid! And she also wanted to do a winged liner look.

I also showed her the beauty of using the Ben Nye Banana Powder! I think she also liked the difference and how smooth her face was when I applied the powder. :P

These are the products I used on her.

And here are more photos of Stacie! :D

Check out the eyeshadow. She actually has the folds on the lids but it's not fully-folded (if that's how you call it) so it was easier to contour it. You can see that I used a darker shadow around the areas of the lids and used another dark shade to add more depth.

And her skin was so flawless thanks to the combination of the Shiseido foundation and the Heroine Make BB Cream. Her dark circles around the eyes were easily covered by the Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer.

After the makeover, I asked her if she wanted to do another one for this project I am doing. Hopefully I can publish them soon and I really hope that you will like those makeovers. 

And that was our awesome makeover day! It's been a pleasure getting to know my readers and fellow bloggers and I do hope I get to meet more, and probably do makeovers with. :) 

What do you think of the makeup I did on Stacie? :)



  1. OMG! Super duper mega friendly niyong dalawa! I met Stacie during Liz's water color workshop and oo nga noh, same school kayo! Selos ako ha, may iba ka nang pinapakitaan ng TOP videos :))

  2. Ako, I like it :D And I will find the Ben Nye Banana Powder! It made my skin super smooth. :D

    1. Haha! Super love ko talaga yung powder na yan! It's a bit pricey here in the PH if you buy online.

  3. Haha inggit ako, Dawnnn. HAHA! Super like the eye makeup you did.

  4. Ahhh what an awesome make over! I think the winged eyeliner and those glossy lips are sooo stunning on her! Great job!

  5. Love the make over on her! Her eyes look bigger and awake. It is a simple and school- appropriate make up. Hope you can give us a tutorial about this look. :)

    1. I will try my best! I'm no good at doing tutorials though. :P