Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Palgantong Theatrical Powder

Hi loves!

My friend went to Korea last November and I asked her if she can buy me some products and one of my requests was the... 

Palgantong Theatrical Powder

She was able to get this for only 7,000 (that's around Php 280.00 here) somewhere in Ewha Womans University. It's original price was ₩14,000! (Good job, Jho! *insert Facebook like symbol here*)

I requested for this because I've read great reviews about this powder and I would like to try it for myself. They claim that this product is being used by many celebrities from Korea, and I just think that their skin looks so flawless. I've read that this is very soft and smooth and it gives a natural smooth finish on the skin. Exciting right? Here's a product description from


PALGANTONG Theatrical Powder from Korea is make up of Ceramin ingredient from UK. The size of particles is just half as the other particles. It reflects more light from your skin to even the tone with natural appearance. Thin and comfortable, brighten your skin just like Movie Star. So, it is also called “Star Powder” in Japan and Korea.

Over these 10 years, this powder is commonly used in Korean Movies, TV programme and drama. Over 5,000,000 powder were sold in Japan, as No.1 loose powder in Japan!

how to use it 
Tap the bottom of bottle 3 times, twist open the lid and take out the brush. 
Tap the brush to remove excessive product. 
Gently brush on the forehead, cheeks and chin. 
Apply light layer of foundation by making continuous circular motions on clean and dry face from the T-zone out until the desired coverage is achieved. 

Take light and small portion each time and build up to the coverage you desire.
For oily skin, absorb excessive oil with facial absorbent paper and re-apply the mineral foundation to get the same natural effect.

I've seen some pics of the previous packaging of this product and the present packaging is definitely an improvement. This design is classier with the metallic red lid and the clear acrylic container. I like that there is a mirror and that the product is separated from the applicator. 

The surface that separates the powder has holes so you can control the amount of product you will get and it has a sticker so that no powder is spilled. Some people do not completely peal off the sticker to avoid spills and also reduce the amount of product taken.

The applicator is a white puff that is actually pretty soft but I don't use it because I prefer using my powder brushes when I apply this.

The product is a bit pinkish. This shade is called Original Beige. I've seen another shade which is Beige Ochre, a darker and warmer shade.

 The powder is very light and fine and when you spread it, you can feel how soft and smooth it is.

Thickly applied powder lightly smudged on my skin

It may seem like the powder is very light but it's actually translucent. Once you spread the powder and blend it over your foundation, the finish is still like your skin tone but you look more radiant and glowing. Here's proof of what I am talking about!

I apply the product just like how I apply the Ben Nye Banana Powder (click here for the post).

Left: With liquid foundation mixed with BB Cream on
Right: With the powder on and concentrated it on areas of the face where light usually touches

I leave the powder on for 5 minutes or more. I usually do my eyebrows and apply the rest of my eye makeup while I wait. I like this technique since while I apply powder eyeshadows, I don't worry about the fall out of the shadow because it will just land on the large amount of finishing powder I applied under my eyes. I just sweep the powder off after a few minutes and no eyeshadow smudges from the fall out!

When my eye makeup is done, I sweep off the powder and blend it around my face and this is what happens.

My face looks brighter. It's like a subtle highlighter and finishing powder in one! If you think the powder is too much, just spray some face mist and it will set faster and it will just look like your natural skin! Check out my photos with the rest of my makeup on...

I find that my skin looks really good on photos when I wear this. It's like the pores are gone and your skin is healthier and brighter. And this won't cause any white cast on flash photography if you're wondering.

I find finishing powders great for setting and prolonging makeup and this product does those very well and I like that this effectively controls oil. It takes me a good 4 hours before my face gets shiny. Yay!

And those were my thoughts on the Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Ordinary Beige. :D Do you use finishing powders too? Which one do you use? :)



  1. They say that this and 3W Clinic are the same. :) And I use that one everyday!

    1. They are the same! :) I use 3W Clinic too!

    2. Oooh! I recently learned that too while doing this review. LOL

  2. This looks awesome! I've been trying out more loose powders recently and I love these super silky fine textured ones! I've been using one from a japanese brand brigitte and it's amazing!

    1. I want to try more japanese loose powders now. Haha!