Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review : The Body Shop All-In-One InstaBlur

Hi loves!

I think I found another great primer, especially for those with enlarged pores and oily skin like I do. And it is the...

The Body Shop All-In-One InstaBlur
This 25ml tube is worth Php 1,195.00.

This was given to me by The Body Shop almost a month ago and I've used this for almost every time I put on makeup (which is like 6 times a week). It instantly became a favorite of mine. You'll know why as you read further. :D

But first, let's check out some info about the product from the packaging and from the press release.

You can check out my initial thoughts when I first tried the product out during the launch event here.

I use this as a makeup base, though you can use this alone if you like your skin looking shine-free. Everything that it promises are the things I look for in a primer or makeup base. So I was really hoping that it would deliver because if it does, it's a wish come true!

Here's the product. It's translucent and has a thick, gel-like consistency. It's not at all slimy but it's very smooth once spread out.

Here's how it looks like when slightly spread out. It becomes invisible so this product really is a universal shade item. 

And after spreading it evenly, it becomes matte and some of the product even sank on the lines of my hand making it look smoother. When I first swatched this back in the event, I was really impressed on how smooth it was and how it instantly covered the lines on my hands. 

And now, for the ultimate test, how it works on my cheeks where I have enlarged pores.

 Bare face

 With the product

As you can see, my face is all matte now. The pores are minimized. My face looks like it was blurred! The bigger pores aren't fully-covered though but that's where my foundation comes in. You'll see how it works as a base on the next photo below.

 With foundation and powder

My skin looks like it's photoshopped! Wow! If you look closely, you'd still see that I have some blemishes somewhere but it's all covered up (I used the HD Collagen Foundation from Nature Republic) and the pores are barely noticeable too! It really did instantly blurred my skin. 

And what made me really happy is that it really prolonged the wearing time of my makeup. It can last the whole day primarily because it really control the excess oil. My face is really oily so it only takes a couple of hours before my face gets sticky and shiny. But with this product, it takes around 5 hours before that happens. And when I'm in the mall where it's colder and there's less dirt and pollution, my face looks shine-free for 6-8 hours. I remember I went to the Robinsons Red Hot Sale Event and my face was still looking good until 5pm (I applied my makeup around 7am because I had school in the morning). I only retouched once around 3pm.

 What I LIKE:

- Compatible with any skin shade
- Covers pores
- Hides minor blemishes
- Prolongs makeup
- Controls Oil
- Super smooth
- Locally available
- Packaging (easy to squeeze out the product)
- Instantly mattifies skin
- Gives some skin benefits (Vit E and Marula Oil)
- Didn't experience any caking with this on
- No breakouts or irritations



 Would I repurchase?
DEFINITELY! I am loving this product! I recommend this one to anyone actually, especially for those with oily skin! But if you use this outside during daytime, make sure you wear sunscreen since this doesn't have any SPF. :)

So what do you think of The Body Shop All-In-One InstaBlur? Do you like products like this too?



  1. My pores need this! haha. i have their bb cream in a tube similar to this one and I like it too!

    1. I'm a fan of many of TBS' products e. I think this one's becoming my most favorite of them all.

  2. Sobrang blur, ang ganda :) Halos parang nagpowder ka na rin :)

    1. Trulalu! It looks good with powder foundations din instead of liquid!