Thursday, October 10, 2013

Loving My Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Hello loves!

Sharing with you this product that is now a must since the first time I've tried it!
This powder has been so popular since last year. I believe it's because this is the powder Kim Kardashian's MUA uses on her.

I've read so many good reviews on this but I also found some bad ones. So I didn't know what I was really getting into when I bought this. I just did because I was curious about what all the hype was about. I was supposed to get the smaller one but a friend of mine was selling this in a very affordable price so I got the bigger one... and I'm so glad I did!

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
I bought my 3oz bottle from a friend for Php 800.00 only. :)

The packaging isn't any special. Just a plastic bottle with labels on it.

Here's a swatch on paper

And a swatch on my arm

I use this as my setting powder first. It gives my face a matte finish and a little glow. I love that it has a yellow tone because I have warm skin tone. It just looks natural when applied and it makes the BB Creams that I use that has pinkish tones look better. It offers a bit of oil control too and what makes me love this so much is that it makes my skin feel sooooo silky soft!

BUT that's not all!
There's another use for this powder in my makeup routine—I use it as highlighter! It's not something new. It's actually what made it so popular. :P

In the next few pictures, I'll show you how I do it...

I first put some powder on the cap.

Using my Virginia Olsen Contour Brush, I get this much of the product.

And just to show you the difference this process does, I'll only do it on half of my face.
I apply it on these areas of my face. I also put some on my nose bridge, a bit on the center of my forehead, on top of my cupid's bow and on the top area of my chin—the places where light usually touches.

I let it set on my face for around 5-10 minutes. 

And then I lightly brush it off with a thin fan brush.

And voila!!
Instant glow, right?
It may seem like it takes a lot of effort to do but I like the finish better than most of the highlighters I've tried. This is matte and it makes my skin look gorgeous on camera! Haha!

And even if I put quite an amount of powder on the under eyes, I don't encounter any caking! :)

Though I find the finish absolutely lovely, I'm still curious what the lighter shades of Ben Nye powder will look. The Banana one is too close to my skin's color already and I have friends with lighter skin tone that I usually get as my models on makeovers and I want to use this technique on them too. Maybe I'll get the shade Buff sometime. :P

So what do you think of Ben Nye's Luxury Powders? Do you use them too? Do you use them for highlighting too?



  1. lovely! I like the consistency and the yellow undertone of this powder.

  2. Your face looks sooo polished with the Ben Nye on. I can't believe some people can brush this off as a fad :0

  3. I love this powder too Dawn. I am still road testing it though. :) Ang blooming mo ngayon.

  4. Oh wow that's flawless! i think of everyone I've heard talking about this I trust and can see your use being amazing! I may just have to get this besides their concealer wheel! ^^

  5. Krisella - me too! :D

    Tellie - Agree! This is just AMAZING! I like how it works so good and it's still affordable.

    Sam - Wow! Blooming ba? Thank you! :D

    Sharlynn - You should! It's AMAZING indeed! I would love to try their concealer wheel too! :D

  6. Nice! I heard a lot about this powder. Might give a try soon. I love the result on you, magandang highlighter!

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  7. This is my favorite setting powder. Ang ganda. Almost always, I cant find a foundation that's yellow enough. This is my savior.

  8. Your skin has cleared up a lot what did you use your posts are always awsome!!!!:)

    Love your blog

  9. Hi Dawn~ I'D like to order from ur friend too since it's the lowest price of Ben Nye I came across. Thanks!

  10. Ang laki ng powder! Affortable narin considering the size. And it makes you look glowing! Ganda! :)

  11. Jenniya - Yes! I use it as a highlighter lagi! :P

    Rae - Mine too! :D

    Stylish Glaze - Wow! Super thank you! I use Kiehl's Actively Correcting line. It super helped in improving my skin's condition.

    MissGennD- I dunno if she sells pa but I think Makeup Pro sells this of the same price pero malaki shipping fee. They have actual stores you can visit naman.

    Helen - True! I think this can last me a year! :D