Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

Hello dears!

My sister gave me this travel size Benefit lip gloss that would give you a fun and natural pout that's perfect for the incoming summer season!

Benefit Hoola Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

I really like the Hoola Blush/Bronzer from Benefit so I was happy to receive the lip gloss version of it.

Here's the product info from their website:

Why we love it!

Our new plush glosses glide on extra smooth and feel ahhh-mazingly silky and luxurious. The six irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, come in soft-squeeze tubes with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application. Beauty bonus: They’re the perfect partners for our bestselling box o’ powders!
  • dandelion (soft pearly pink)
  • dallas (dusty rose)
  • sugarbomb (shimmering pinky nude)
  • CORALista (sheer coral)
  • bella bamba (sheer bright watermelon)
  • hoola (shimmering golden nude)


15.0 mL, 0.5 US fl. oz

Beauty tip

To create a beautifully pulled-together look in seconds, pair your favorite gloss with its complementing box o’ powder.
For the list of ingredients, please visit their website.

Like most of the travel size glosses I own, the packaging is a squeeze type tube. Not really a fan of that kind of dispensing though (I like those with applicators). But I like that the tube is transparent so you can easily see the beautiful shade of the product as well as the amount remaining.

The shade is very sheer nude equipped with bronze shimmers. It smells good but very mild. The consistency is just a little thick but not sticky nor greasy.

I find it too sheer for my liking... maybe I'm just used to applying pigmented lip products. This would be great on top of a warm, bold lipstick though. :) 

Anyway, if you like sheer glosses, then I think you will love to wear this, especially if you're planning to go to the beach and get a beautiful tan!



  1. I have both Hoola and Dandelion in mini sizes. What I like most is that they don't feel sticky. Now if only they could come up with a more pigmented version...

    1. Good thing more brands are coming up with very pigmented glosses. :P

    2. IKR, but I'm not quite ready to give up Benefit glosses just yet. :)) I also wish they'd sell the mini size like they do They're Real travel size mascara. IMHO, who needs such a huge tube of gloss anyway? It wouldn't hurt if the small size sold for cheaper...

    3. Yes to mini sizes and not just for Benefit but to all makeup brands! Haha!

  2. This shade is very beautiful but I totally agree that these glosses are so sheer and too light! If they were just a few shades deeper they'd be perfect to wear on their own! I could totally see these being great to layer onto other lip products like you said!

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't wear it alone. It needs extra 'umph.' :)

  3. I guess I would pass on this one too. I do not like glosses that are too light and too sheer. Yeah good thing that there are other brands that are a lot better nowadays.

    1. We are the same when it comes to lip gloss preference! Yay!

  4. Ooh nice!! Its so natural color!!
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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