Monday, January 12, 2015

Lorac Mega PRO Palette


I'm super excited to share with you this palette that I bought last November. This is one of my Christmas gifts for myself (the other one is a watch) and even though it's a bit more expensive compared to the makeup I usually buy, the money spent was sooooo worth it. This immediately became my favorite eyeshadow palette after the first swatch!

Lorac Mega PRO Palette
Bought this at Beautyholic Manila last November. :)

I've been wanting to buy the Lorac PRO palette (the first edition) waaaaay back because I realized that I don't have a neutral palette that has matte shades. I often see fellow bloggers raving about that palette but I just postpone from buying one 'til I find a good deal. The palette is quite expensive for my budget. 

Last June, I went to the US for a vacation and was hoping that I would get the Lorac PRO palette in a more affordable price compared to what I can get here, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to see one. We were busy going to different tourist spots and we didn't have time to stop by more beauty stores. 

But a few months later, I saw this beautiful thing—the Lorac MEGA PRO palette and I fell in-love! It's the eyeshadow that will absolutely solve my thirst for more eyeshadow palettes. I just thought that I must have one! Besides, December was getting close and I knew that I'll be receiving some bonus—I get to have extra cash that I can use to spoil myself with something so uber good!

The palette was hard to find here. Most of the stores I checked out were out-of-stock with it. I just thought that maybe I shouldn't buy one anymore and settle with the Lorac Pro 1. My friend, Tellie, got one and she was happy with it (I was actually jealous! Haha). When I was ready to order, I saw the page of Beautyholic Manila. I was just gonna ask about the Palette 1 but just out of curiosity, I also inquired about the Mega Pro, and WOOOOT! They have one left in-stock! And... well, I bought it immediately! Haha!

So now, after a month and a half... I'm still soooooo happy whenever I see this darling in my beauty stash. One of my best buys EVER. If I didn't like eyeshadows so much, I could have given away most of them and just keep this and probably 3-4 others in my collection. Haha!

Anyway, I'll share with you some swatches and my other thoughts on this palette. :D

Labels on the box

Like what I mentioned before, I want a palette that has matte shades. This one has that. It actually has a lot! It has 16 mattes and 16 shimmery ones. A total of 32 eyeshadows!

The color selection is just divine! It has a great mix of cool and warm shades! You get those wonderful nudes as well as those smoky dark shades!

The packaging is pretty simple but I appreciate the thin compact and when closed, it gets locked together with magnet. It's very easy to carry around (although I don't. I leave it at home where it's safe and sound. Haha!). It has a decent mirror too!

You can always make it stand like this so you can stare at its beauty... 
*sigh* So pretty...

And for the fun part... the swatches! I ordered this from top to bottom, left to right.


So gorgeous!

Very gorgeous!

Super gorgeous!

Ugh. I've got nothing but love! Each eyeshadow is silky smooth... and when I say smooth, it's like these are the softest and smoothest powder eyeshadows I've tried!!! Some can be a bit powdery but they are all very pigmented!

They last long and with the right eyeshadow primer, it can last the whole day! No creases, no fading! Just pure awesomeness!

Anyway, I've been using this almost every time I go out of the house! Haha! I'll post some EOTDs or FOTDs using this palette sometime soon. :)

What do you think of the Lorac Mega PRO Palette? Are you a fan of Lorac eyeshadows too? :)



  1. This palette is listed in my wishlist but was not able to have one. So I guess I have to save and get one of my own. I so like this palette for its beautiful shades in it.

    1. I'm sure you won't regret anything at all once you get one! It's really, really good!

  2. So pretty!!! The second row doesn't appeal to me much but I loooooove everything else! If only my student budget will allow me to get this XD

    1. Awww... I like the 2nd row because of the taupes. :P I love everything about it! LOL I am completely in-love with this palette! <3 I know how you feel, when I was a student, I try to save and wait for so long in order to buy something that I've been lemming for... I buy those P10 lemon square cupcakes and a bottle of P20 C2 for lunch! HAHA!

    2. What? Really? TT^TT I get hungry really really really fast so I can't eat only that for lunch. I need to eat a full meal so I wake up early and make my own lunch and sandwich for snacks as well,kahit na ang sabaw ko the whole day kasi maaga nagigising to cook :). I don't feel satisfied when I eat out, except when I eat sa Dimsum Treats XD. Pero, you're from CFAD, right? Super magastos daw dun sabi ng friend ko. She drinks milktea for lunch naman.

    3. Yeah, magastos talaga! Everyday you have to buy materials depending on what project your professors told you to do. :P I also try to bring my baon if I have the time but if I don't and when I get hungry, I buy the siomai/rice at a kiosk at P. Noval for Php25.00 only. Haha!

    4. Yeah, magastos talaga! Everyday you have to buy materials depending on what project your professors told you to do. :P I also try to bring my baon if I have the time but if I don't and when I get hungry, I buy the siomai/rice at a kiosk at P. Noval for Php25.00 only. Haha!

  3. Ughhh I love the matte shades! And some shimmery ones are pretty nice too!

  4. Wow, this is a super stunning palette! I'm sure it's all amazing, and if you do make up for other people you'd never run low on options! Hope you use the hell out of it ladies!

  5. Oh my god they look really buttery and smooth! I'm jelly!! :( But it's too pricey for a student like me! hahaha I do reviews on local and affordable makeups!! :D

    1. Maybe you can wishlist this and once you've saved up, you can get one too but I think this is limited edition... but I'm sure there'll be an equally awesome palette sometime soon that will be available for us to try!