Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kanebo T'estimo Blush in PK-18

Hey dears!

Just another swatch post here.

I bought this last December and since then, this has been a favorite blush of mine.
I believe I have mentioned that I love peach numerous times. That's why the "peachy" part of the blog's name refers to me.

Kanebo T'estimo Blush in PK-18

I think the T'estimo line has been cut down. Some products were already phased out. And most of them has been replaced by the Coffret D'Or line.

I bought this during the Kanebo's holiday office sale last year.

It looks so beautiful, doesn't it?
The color brightens your face and makes you look "blooming."

Here's the swatch on my arm.

It has a pearly finish because of the very fine gold shimmer. It's so... ethereal! Like a fairy princess would use!!! Haha! 

What do you think of Kanebo T'estimo Blush in PK-18? :D



  1. I love the barely there shimmer. And the light peachy color is so UGH! love this!

  2. Tellie - SUPER LOVE THIS TOOOOOO! Haha!