Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Review : Canmake Color Change Eyebrows

Hey loves!

Isn't it so annoying when your eyebrows and your hair just don't look together? I know that many girls love to try different hair styles and that includes a different hair color. But it just looks odd if you have a bright hair color and then your eyebrows are just black. I'm not saying that your brows should be the same color with your hair, just find the right shade to match your hair... I guess it's all trial and error because sometimes, some brow colors look good with a different hair color, an example is Cara Delevingne's.

Anyway, I know some people who get their skin around the brow area irritated when they try to dye them so why risk it when you can just get a brow mascara? Brow mascaras are very easy to use and they are becoming pretty common now especially with Asian makeup brands where you can buy them in a more affordable price. One of the brow mascaras I've tried and liked is the...

Canmake Color Change Eyebrows
Bought this for Php 440.00 two months ago. It's affordable, although I've found some that are cheaper in price, I still find this pretty affordable. 

The shade I bought is 01 Chestnut. It is available in a lighter shade which is 02 Honey Brown.

Here's the product info from the website:

Just one coat provides a high-color effect similar to bleach!!!
Completely change the look of your eyebrows, for a more stylish impression in an instant♥
High-color/Waterproof/ Won't rub off Warm water removal
High-color effect similar to bleach (no pearl particles)
● The brush teams well with the smooth fluid, ensuring perfect coverage of each and every lash. 
● Contains no pearl particles, so you don't need to worry about obtrusive shine.
Fiber-free, yet creates soft, natural-looking eyebrows
● Imbues each and every lash with soft, natural definition.
● Creates a soft, natural-looking finish without scratchiness, even after drying.
Simple to remove with warm water

♥What does eyebrow mascara do?♥
① It matches your eyebrow color to your hair color, preventing your eyebrows standing out unnaturally and ensuring that your make-up looks well-balanced.
② It makes your skin look lighter and more translucent, creating a gentler impression.
③ It tames your eyebrows, keeping them looking neat and tidy.

[01] Chestnut brown
Recommended for those with dark to natural brown hair! A versatile color that creates a gentle aura.

[02] Honey brown
Recommended for those with bright to very bright brown hair! Although it's bright, it won't look odd or unnatural.

What attracted me to buy this besides the color is that this product doesn't have any shimmery or pearly finish. I tried the tester and it coated my brows easily and it still looked somewhat natural. You'll see the finish later on this post.

The packaging is the usual mascara type with the tube and wand. I like that the tube is clear so you can see the shade color. The label gets easily scratched off though. :/

The wand is shaped well. It's easy to apply on the brows without worries of applying too much or getting too much product on skin. The size makes it easy to manipulate too.

Here's a swatch of the product.

No shimmer or pearly finish whatsoever! It's also very pigmented and a bit thick... it is lighter than what I prefer but I guess it's still okay because I really like the finish. Check the photos below:

No product on brows

With the product

It colored my very dark brow hair successfully with no awkwards shimmers too. I like that it also tamed the directions of the hair strands. This product is water-resistant because even after a long day (considering the sweat from the heat and my oily skin), it stayed on. Just try not to rub or scratch the brow area and it will be there for the whole day.

So to sum it all up:

What I LIKE:
- Colored my dark brows well
- No shimmers
- Affordable
- Locally available
- Long lasting
- Applicator is easy to use

- Available in only two shades
- Labels on the packaging gets scratched off easily

Would I buy again? Hmmm... why not? I like this product and I do recommend it. I would like to try other brands though. :)

And that's my review. I hope this was useful! :D



  1. The one that I have is from Etude House and it has shimmer in it. I find it weird and maybe too dark for my brows! My mom loves the one from Clio :D

    1. I haven't tried the one from EH yet... I think. I can't remember but I will check it out to be sure. :P I wanna try the one from Clio. :D

  2. I bought MAC Boy Girl early on kasi I know nothing about brow mascaras, so I just went with high end agad. Sucks for me because my brow hairs can't handle mascara pala talaga boohoo.

    1. Awww... I was debating with myself if I needed one and I definitely do. I have thick strands that need some taming. :P

  3. This product seems great but that shade is too light for my liking! It totally covered your natural black hair though, so props to their great formula! Wished it came in dark black brown too!

    1. Yes. It is too light for me too. I don't think I would use it on a regular day. :P I have a darker shade from a different one that I can use. :)