Monday, March 16, 2015

To Robin

Hey everyone.

Last week was a busy week for me which is why I was M.I.A. from blogging. I was finally able to take a good rest this weekend and was gonna start some more makeup reviews... But yesterday, I received news about a dear friend's passing.

I met her three years ago. It was in a beauty-related event and a friend of mine introduced me to her. We got along quickly even though I'm usually socially awkward with strangers because she was just so sweet and friendly. We share many interests—makeup, art, visiting cafes and museums, and our love for T.O.P. We can talk for hours and hours about life and random things. Even though we seldom went out, we had fun. I was even with her when I almost got my first driving ticket! Haha! She got my back though and we were able to avoid getting any tickets from the traffic enforcer. Woot! Every time spent with her will surely be treasured and remembered.

She was one of the few people who supported me and my art. She even volunteered to be my spokesperson and help me find sponsors and potential buyers for my "future exhibits." She shared my works on her social networking accounts and even added many hashtags so that more people can view them. I can easily say that she has given me more support than majority of the people in my life. She was there when I doubted my talent and was even proud of what I can do and that says so much. 

She really was a friend. She is my friend... and I hope I was the same to her.

Last night, I painted and was able to create this. I named this work Robin. This is my first official abstract work and by far the biggest canvas I've used. It's full of soft, sweet, gentle colors, thin, curved lines, and a few strong but graceful dark strokes. I guess, this is what I think Robin was. I'm not good with words but this is it... I hope she likes this and then put the hashtag #bukangliwaywaygallery (Bukang Liwayway is Dawn in Filipino).

I dedicate this work to the person I only met for a few years yet I consider a true friend... to this person who can smile in good and in bad times... to someone who loves God and His creations... to this beautiful woman who was full of hope and love... I will miss you and I love you, my dear friend. 
To Robin.


  1. For one night's worth of work this is stunning! The painting looks so free and so delicate!

  2. It's a shame I never got to meet her. From reading her blog, I got the impression that she was a kindred spirit. :(

    1. I'm sure you would be friends with her because she's always so warm and sweet.

  3. I love how "Robin" shows her delicate spirit. It's very emotional, actually. I keep going back to this post and I love how you celebrated the essence of Robin in words and through the painting. She was such a supportive and giving person. I'll miss her so much. Thank you for introducing her to me... She really is a gift in my life.

    1. She is. I never realized kung gano kalaki yung impact niya sa life ko until the time she left us. Para kasing lagi siyang nandiyan dati because laging nasa notifications mo yung "likes" and "tags" niya. I miss her. :(


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