Monday, March 23, 2015

Too Cool For School Pink Shower Brush Cleanser

Hi gorgeous!

As a makeup lover, washing my makeup brushes and sponges has been a part of my routine for years now. Since I do this very often, I try to find ways to clean them in the most affordable but still effective way possible. I've been using an anti-bacterial dish washing liquid soap from Saizen for a while now and it's very effective—removes all the makeup and no shedding from the brushes. Even though I already like that product, I'm open to try others too. So when I was at Too Cool For School, SM North, I saw this brush cleanser that looked very interesting... 

Too Cool For School Pink Shower Brush Cleanser

This 150ml bottle is Php 279.00.

It's really affordable that's why I bought it... and I guess because it's pink! Haha! :P 

Anyway, let's see what the product is about from the Japan website:

Brush dedicated Cleanser is a brush dedicated detergent to be used as a brush can be a safe and clean storage. Clean and wash the dirt that is easy induce skin problems, it is allowed to maintain the shape of the brush, you can extend the life of the brush. I can also be used to puff. After the cleansing, please use rinsed lightly.

How to Use:
Give an appropriate amount to brush and wash gently. After washing, I rinse with warm water.

It smells mild but really good. It's like you're just using water. It doesn't foam but you can see the makeup melting from your brushes. It seemed really good until I tried removing liquid makeup like BB Cream and foundations. It barely removed the foundation off my brushes and sponges, although I guess I use heavy-coveraged products so cleaning is a bit harder... but on the other hand, that's what this product is for, right? Anyway, you can still see that some of the makeup melted but it can't remove even half of it. I still had to use other products. In short, this is okay in removing light products from the brushes like powder, but for liquid makeup, it's close to useless. :(

And those are my thoughts on this product. Have you tried this before?



  1. Good thing di ko pa nabibili yung sa ellana online. This one's cheaper. I only need this for eye makeup brushes.

    1. The ellana one is good! But I guess this is good enough for powder eyeshadows and brow shadows. For eyeliner brushes, I don't think this is enough though.

  2. Sayang naman! I have the Koren Zander soap din, and found it so weak that I set it aside and didn't use it even on my eye brushes.

    1. Oooh. At least I won't have to try that soap na din. :P


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