Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Laura Mercier Golden Honey Glow Illuminating Stick

Hello loves!

I'll be sharing more and more swatch posts from the products my sister sent me from Australia. Some of these are her preloved items which I happily accepted because, well, they're makeup! And most of them are things I can't afford for myself yet. Haha! And this product that I'll be sharing with you is one of them...

Laura Mercier Illuminating Stick

The shade is Golden Honey Glow.

My sister loves this brand. I do too if I only have the money to buy more from them. Haha! But I understand why she loves Laura Mercier so much. My favorite is the Secret Comouflage concealer and their tinted moisturizers.

I don't like cream products though so I am not overly excited with this product, but, summer is coming soon and the bronze look will surely be a hit again! Just look at the gorgeous color of this stick:

It does look like the color of honey with very fine shimmers. It's housed in this very classy, retractable tube. It really looks gorgeous, don't you think so?

Below is the swatch of the product:

It's creamy and it glided smoothly on my skin. It feels buttery smooth but still light to the touch! No greasy feeling at all! 

Here it is when blended. I love the bronzy glow and the shimmers as well. Blending the product was easy and you can use your fingers or a makeup brush. It really feels light on skin so you won't feel like you're wearing a cream product at all!

I do, however, have an NC30 skin and the product doesn't show much on my face. I don't apply too much though. I can't use it as a blush because I find it weird to have a too bronzed face right now (perhaps I can do that when summer is here). On the pic above, I applied mostly at the bottom of my cheekbones, where you usually put contours. I love the natural, dewy finish it gives. It looks so natural but I believe the color will pop-up more on lighter skin... or maybe I should just add more? But I don't really like adding so much cream products on my oily face. :P

So if you want a subtly, bronze glow, then you might want to check out this product. I think there are other shades available like the Golden Rose Glow which you can use as a blush. :D Anyway, that is all for tonight! :D



  1. I'm way too used to powder highlighters and am afraid I will overdo it if I use something creamy :o

  2. the color looks really nice :) i prefer powders too hahaha

    1. I also love the color but I just don't like wearing cream so I don't use this much. :P

  3. Next highlighter I get is likely to be a stick. It's so much easier to use, and I wouldn't need a brush to apply. Closest candidate is Benefit's Watt's Up, but I'm aiming for a dupe.

    1. I agree, sticks are easy to use and they don't use up much space in my bag! :D