Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pixi Duo Cheek Cream in No.2 Natural Peach

Hey guys!

I'll just be sharing a quick swatch post on this cream blush duo...

Pixi Duo Cheek Cream in No.2 Natural Peach

My sister gave this to me a month ago, I think.

I'm not a fan of cream blushes because of my oily skin. I feel like they're heavy and just makes my skin oilier. They don't last long on my face either. They fade once my face gets shiny.

This one is no better. This performs pretty much the same as most, if not all the cream blushes I've used. Oh well. It's still a gift that I appreciate though. I like the color peach anyway. :P

It comes with an applicator... which is pretty ummm small. I guess you just use this to dab the cream on the cheeks then use the fingers to blend. I'd rather use a bigger brush for blending though.

These are the two shades. One is peach while the other is a warm brown shade.

Both have a creamy, buttery texture so they are easy to blend. They don't have shimmers and the finish is pretty natural. The brown one is great for contour while the peach I use as my blush.

Here's how this product appears on my cheek:

Only foundation applied

With the brown shade (used as contour)

With the peach shade (blush)

(yes, my brows are very dark)

The peach is a little darker than I like but I still love the color. Peach is a favorite of mine! :D I would wear this color but I think I would prefer it if the blush is powder. Still not a fan of cream types! :P

I think you can use this as a lip color too but I haven't tried it yet. :P

That's all I can say about this product. Any thoughts?



  1. the shade and packaging is sooo pretty

  2. That applicator is so confusing. At first I thought it was a lip-and-cheek duo, but mukhang alanganin din.

  3. I love cream blushers! The applicator is weird haha. Gagamitin mo rin naman fingers mo in the end.

  4. I too much prefer powder blushes! However I think you did a great job applying it, they look very natural and do suit your skin! That applicator can only apply lip color! They might as well just not include it!

    1. Thanks! I The applicator is a waste of space. I agree that it shouldn't be there anymore or label the cream product as a lip and cheek product so that the tiny applicator would make better sense. LOL