Monday, September 29, 2014

Review : Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Eye Makeup Multi Kit in #1 Black Kit

Hey loves!

Looking for more products that have multi-functions? Then you should check out this one from Too Cool For School...

Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Eye Makeup Multi Kit
This costs Php 785.00.

And since the labels are in Korean, I got the product info from the website so that we can get to know what the product is all about:

Ooooh! It comes in two variants!

So this product has a gel liner and two colors for the eyebrows. The ones with the black eyeliner have darker shades of brow makeup compared to the ones with the brown liner. Sometimes I also use the brow powder as eyeshadow, especially when I use neutral colors. They are good when you want to achieve the effect of deeper set of eyes.

The one I have is the #1 Black Kit.

It comes with a dual-end applicator. One side for the liner and the other for the brows. I can't find mine though so I wasn't able to take a pic of it. But the applicators are very helpful and the brush's bristles are good and doesn't easily shed.

Here are the brow makeup. One is brown and the other is a gray-brown shade. I've barely used them because I'm trying to finish one from a different brand first.

And here's the gel liner.
It's obvious that I use this a lot... almost everyday actually! It's my eyeliner when I go to work because it is long-wearing, from morning 'til late in the afternoon.

Here are the swatches on my hand

And when used on the brow and as an eyeliner

Let's talk about the brow makeup first. 
I like that the pigmentation is not that strong so when applied on the brows, it looks natural. But it's a different story with my brows because the hair is very thick and dark. I have to make it darker just so it would look decent. But on another person's brow, it looks so much better.

As for the lasting power, it's pretty good. It's not waterproof but as long as you don't rub your brows, it will stay put the whole day.

And now, for the eyeliner.
I super love the blackness of this gel liner. With just one stroke, you get a very opaque black finish. The gel is creamy which makes application very easy because it glides smoothly.

It lasts the whole day. But there are instances when my lids become very oily, it transfers to the upper areas of my lids. So I suggest that you use a really good primer and use powder eyeshadows to extend its wear time. It doesn't easily smudge unless you have very oily lids or you frequently rub your eyes. So as I have mentioned, a good primer and good powder shadow will do the trick of extending the lasting power of the gel liner.

And that is my review of the Too Cool For School Eye Design Box Eye Makeup Multi Kit in #1 Black Kit. What do you think of this product?



  1. Ooooo this is lovely! I really would love a product like this! I would want the powders to be medium and a dark brown! This is so compact, I love how they've designed this! Looks good!

    1. It is very lovely. If only we could choose which brow powder it comes with... that would have been more awesome! But I think the combo this particular one I have is what I would have chosen anyway. :P

  2. Aw such cuteness :3 It reminds me of the BB Foundation Lunch Box :)

    1. I super love TCFS packaging! Cute and edgy at the same time. :D

  3. Dawn!!! Cool find. I almost bought anastasia dual powder (???) in granite that has grey powder in it. Good thing I saw this post first, this looks like a better deal cheaper + may gel liner pa.

    1. Yayyy! Glad you found my post helpful, Rae. I hope you like the product too! :D

  4. Is it advisable for super oily lids?? Thanks.

    1. I have super oily lids and I still think that this product is good. BUT that is if you are mostly in an air-conditioned room and you don't sweat a lot. It can last on me the whole day as long as I have primer and powder eye shadow on. :)

  5. thank you for the review ~~