Sunday, January 13, 2013

Krave Cosmeceuticals 1st Anniversary and Product Launch Party

 Good day, dears!

Last night, I attended Krave Cosmeceuticals' First Anniversary and Product Launching Celebration at the Palladium Club, New World Hotel in Makati.

It was very generous of them to send me a VIP pass via postal mail even though I haven't blogged about them yet. I'm interested to try their products out since I have fellow blogger friends who have featured Krave and loved it!

So on to yesterday's event. I was an early bird as usual. I arrived at 6:20pm though the event said that it will start at 7pm. I was actually in Greenbelt the whole day watching movies and shopping with my sister.

The place was quite big and they have these screens and lights that give the party vibe! There were tables reserved for Bloggers, Press, Family and Friends as well as Distributors.

 I had to wait for a few minutes before I found some blogger friends to chitchat with. Good thing the bar was next to me where I can ask for drinks. They gave us 3 drink stubs when we entered which we can exchange for free drinks of our choice. It was kind of weird though since it says in the VIP pass that the drinks were unlimited. It wasn't a big issue for me since I don't plan on getting wasted since I have to meet up with my bro and sis after the event. :P

 A few minutes later, Lea and Sam arrived. Finally got some people to talk to! Haha!
The event took a while to start but I can't really blame them since most of the people arrived an hour later than the specified time. 

Good thing the table I was in was full of fun and friendly blogger friends. :D
(Left to right: Angel, Lea, Sam, Me, Hazel and Shen)

The event started around 8:30pm. The host was quite entertaining with his charismatic voice, curly hair and funny comments. He introduced to us the generous sponsors of the event such as I wasn't able to take note of the others (sorry!) but I will update this post when I do.

He also presented to us what Krave is all about and the events that happened during its first year. Krave officially launched on December 21, 2011 and today it has around 100 distributors not just in the Philippines but in other parts of the world like Japan, United Kingdom and Italy.

And then, the woman behind Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals, Kat Chua, gave her short but heartfelt message. I'm really impressed with this woman! She's just about my age and have accomplished this much! I'm still lost at what I should be doing but here's a 24 year old woman who is so successful in business and family! Kudos to you, Ms. Kat! You are awesome! :D

 Continuing with the event... there was a quick "Bring Me" game. Too bad I didn't have any of the items asked. I would have loved to get more Krave GC's. Haha! They also awarded some bloggers who have supported Krave the most.

We then ate dinner - Carbonara, buffalo wings, buttered veggies, brownies and nachos were in the menu.

There was also a fashion runway-like segment where models walked to the stage holding a mask with their natural faces and then unveiling their gorgeous made-up looks using Krave Minerale makeup!


This part gave me the idea that Krave is not gender-biased and that it suits any skin tone! :)

And finally, my most anticipated part of the event, the unveiling of the newest products!

They presented a quick video with all the new products to look forward to. The video was edgy and well done. Too bad I wasn't able to record it. :(

They were displayed on glass cases under a pretty circular frame.
The packaging looks really attractive and I could easily say that the design is at par with international brands'.

 This are the skin care items

 And the makeup, of course! Sooo looking forward to the mascara!

I was really looking forward to try them out but there weren't testers available in the event. I guess I'll just have to wait with the rest of us for the time these babies are available. 

The event ended with a final Thank You message from Kat and lots of picture-taking! Yayyy!

 The host and Ms. Kat Chua with Manuel Chua of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Fear Factor

 Me with Ms. Kat Chua and the new Krave Products

and one last group pic with fellow bloggers.

The night continued with dance music, more drinks and people mingling and socializing.

 After a few cocktails and chitchats, I bid farewell to friends since I had to meet up with my sibs. But on the way out, we had to stop by the photo booth. 

 It would have been fun if the camera didn't hate me so much(I am always unprepared when the camera snaps the shot). Haha!

And they also gave us this gift certificate worth Php1,000.
Ms. Kat explained to us that they gave GC's instead so that we could pick what items we want to try. I think it is a good idea since even I am guilty of not using some of the items included in freebies from events. It is also a way for them to keep track of what products most of us want to try. I just wished they have given a press kit so that we could have a list of the products and what they are all about. :P

Can't wait to use this. I don't know any distributors for now though but I know I can order online. But if you can recommend me a distributor, it will very much be appreciated. :)

And as I end this post, I would like to congratulate Krave Cosmeceuticals for their first anniversary (Happy birthday btw) and for having a great and successful 2012. I wish you more success in 2013. I am very excited to try more of your products, especially the new ones! Kudos to Ms. Kat Chua and More Power to Krave!

Interested to know about Krave Cosmeceuticals? Visit their 

What's your favourite Krave Product?
What are you most looking forward to to try out from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals?
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  1. Have'n't tried anything from Krave yet but would too soon :)

  2. Sis, Check out Skye Avenue (Facebook & Twitter). I met one of their distributors last Saturday and she's so nice! :)

    I agree with the press kit. It would be easier for us to write about them if we have one. :)

    I hope we could meet again in another event, Dawn! ^__^

  3. Happy to see you Dawn as is Dawn Zulueta. :D

  4. thanks for sharing the lovely photos! too bad I wasn't able to attend due to work..but glad that you guys posted it ^_~ so excited for their new lines ^_~

  5. Hi Dawn! I saw you at the event but I was too shy to approach you. You can try Jailex Couture


  6. thank you for sharing.. i hope these items will be available this week. ive been waiting for this launching since december. i really love krave

  7. this looks like a fun party! :) haven't tried anything from them....