Wednesday, May 02, 2012

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

Hello lovely readers!

I am so excited to share with you guys the thing that keeps me smiling all day recently.
I've been lemming for this product for oh so long and now I finally have one!

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

Wooohoooo! I had this in my wishlist since the first time I saw it from a blog long, long, time ago!
Whenever I had the courage to spend my savings (haha) it's always out-of-stock at the MAC counters I go to. So yayyy for me since I finally have one! Yaaay! :P

Some details on the box:

I actually started wearing vibrant red lipsticks just a year and a half ago. Back then, I thought red lippies didn't suit me and that it may make all the imperfections on my face, like dark marks and pimples, more visible. Anyway, I was wrong and when I finally used this kind of lippies, people say I look good with them so I learned to love them.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red is my current favorite red lipstick in my stash.
It's so vibrant, long lasting, and even if it is a matte lippie, it doesn't dry my lips as much as some of my matte lipsticks. Booya! :p

Here are the swatches:

Here's a swatch on my hand

My barelips

my lips with MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

See how beautiful it is?? I feel so pretty whenever I use it. Hahaha!
It's like the perfect red lipstick if you want 'lips as red as blood' a la Snow White. Although the red of it isn't really blood red but it really brightens your face!

Here are my pics wearing the lippie (Vain-ness Galore) :

Next on my list of lipsticks to get, MAC Ruby Woo! ♥
How do you like MAC Russian Red? Have you tried it yet?
What's your favorite red lipstick?



  1. Funny, I'm wearing it right now! :D

  2. Cool! I bet you look ever-so-pretty with it! :D

  3. The bangs is Gorge!!! Match it up with the bonggang red lippie pa gondo!!!

  4. I wanna try these.. kaso medyo expensive... but will ask this for xmas wishlist

  5. MissGennD - Thanks! I can't believe I deprived myself of full bangs for 12 years. Last time I had full bangs was when I was in 4th grade kasi. Haha! ♥

    Sweethestia - I know what you mean. Been a while before I finally got one. Hope you get one soon! ♥

  6. it's so pretty!!! :) and i agree, it really brightens up your face!! I should have bought this shade pala :P

  7. Dawn!!! First of all, wow~ ang ganda :) Bagay na bagay sayo! Second nasa wish list ko din yan. Never tried a red lippie since birth. Hehehe! Lastly, I like the last 3 photos and the killer eyeliner :) Lemming ko din yung Ruby Woo. Bago ko nga matapos basahin yung post mo nasa isip ko na yung Ruby Woo. Pinag-pipilian ko din kasi yung dalawa. Hindi ko alam what bagay sakin.

  8. Bangs + red lips = Prettiness! I have no favorite red lipstick yet. Hayyy!

  9. Hazel - Thanks! Well, there's always a next time! Hopefully it is available when you plan on buying one na! :P

    Kath - Naks! Thanks! I think Russian red looks nice on you din! I haven't used Ruby Woo yet pero super can't wait to get one. Ipon muna pera! Hahaha!

  10. Mrs. Kolca- Thanks! Don't worry, You'll find your HG red lipstick! There are so many out there for you to explore! :D

  11. I also plan to get that lippie. How much is it?

  12. Wow! This lip color looks so fierce!!! I don't have the guts yet to sport a bold lip color, but if I had a Russian Red, I'd wear that often! :D Love it on you sis! You look so fab!

  13. Kitten - it's around Php1000 at MAC counters. :)

    Sumi - Thanks! I'm sure it would look gorgeous on you too! :D

  14. the color is soo rish i love it!!

  15. I love this lippie too! I wear this color a lot, love the matte finish and the staying power.