Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Haul Post: First Sephora Visit

Bonjour bellas!

I did say I'd do some make up shopping here and I did. :) It's my first time visiting a Sephora store and the personnel there were really nice. Here are my purchases. :)


Although I already have an Erase Paste and Girl Meets Pearls, I just had to buy the set since it's cheaper to buy it than when you buy the items individually. Plus what I was really after was the Porefessional make up base. :)

I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these. :)


This one is not really part of my purchase. Sephora, as some/most of you might now gives out a gift on your birthday when you sign up to become their member. They were kind enough to still give me my birthday gift even though my birthday had already passed. :)

For the next years, I'll just have to ask my aunt to collect the gifts for me and probably buy me some thing from there when they have a sale. :)

Well, that's my little make up haul for now. Thanks a lot to my cousin for buying all these for me. Will still be visiting other make up places to buy cheaper ones. Anyway, if you want us to review something just tell us or if you want to suggest any make up purchases for future references do tell us. :) That's all ladies!



  1. great haul liz! i really wanna try that porefessional..

  2. oh how I wish I could set foot on Sephora...hehehe
    love your purchases. ^_^

  3. Hello Liz! Awesome haul *inggit* :P

  4. @mera - me too! I'm still not able to use them though as I caught some nasty pink eye virus. So everything's still sealed shut. wah!

    @hollie and gellie - thanks! any suggestions for future purchases?