Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dawn Attends the L'Oreal featuring Jerome Salaya Ang Show at the PFW

 Hey guys!

I won 2 tickets to the Philippine Fashion Week's L'Oreal featuring Jerome Salaya Ang Show at SMX Mall of Asia. Along with it were free makeovers from the L'Oreal Lounge and Goodie Bags from L'Oreal.

This post is all about my day before, during and after the show. :)

A day after I got the message that I won, I asked one of my friends to come with me. But during that time, we didn't know that the show will start at 9:30pm. The show was too late in the evening and my friend wasn't allowed to be out that late and on a Sunday which is family day.
I didn't want to go alone. I asked some other friends, posted in Facebook, Twitter and even on groups for fellow bloggers but didn't find anyone willing to grab my extra ticket. Another thing bothering me is how I will get home since it is pretty late and I don't want to commute by myself.
Alas, I got my brother to go with me! How did I get him to go? I bribed him by paying half the amount of the perfume he has been wanting to buy. Besides, the show will only last for around an hour or two. :P
And I also got a response from one of my fellow bloggers that she will be attending the show too and that we could go together. Yayyy!
When I got to SMX, I immediately noticed this big tarp of Lucy Torres-Gomez for L'Oreal and was a bit surprised since I wasn't aware that she's an endorser of the brand.

 With Blair of Legazpi Fab Moda. She was with me the whole event. :)
It's really nice to meet you and it was really fun watching the show with you! Hope we get to meet up again soon! :D

The downside of the night was that I can't find the person I have to look for to get my tickets. I didn't have the contact number and when I asked some of the L'Oreal personnel, they just gave vague answers. The worst one was, "Siya yung naka blazer sa baba."  It took quite a while for me to finally get my ticket (They were at the table blocked by people that were in-line).

 The people from Runway Productions even told me that they'll just let me in even without the tickets when I bombarded them with questions on where I can find these certain people. Haha!  They were really nice. ♥

Before proceeding to Hall 2 where the event will be held, we visited the L'Oreal lounge upstairs.

 They were serving finger foods and drinks. People chitchatting and looking fab.

 The lounge looked very comfy and you will see the new products from L'Oreal.

 Above the lounge was the area where you can get a free makeover. I wasn't able to get mine since I arrived late (and I still haven't gotten my ticket when I took this photo).

 We were seated at the middle. The seating arrangement actually got out of hand. I was supposed to get a seat with a goodie bag and all but I got none. It was really confusing.

 Before they showcased the pieces, they presented a short video clip
 It was really scary-beautiful! I was really impressed! :D
 Here are some pictures I was able to take from the show:

and look!
 The newest endorser of L'Oreal also rocked the stage.

The show was just BEAUTIFUL. I love the theme, the pieces, the color selections, the models (Teresa Herrera, especially), everything actually! Mr. Jerome Salaya Ang really did a magnificent job creating the garments. Truly worthy of being the Philippines Fashion Week's finale show.

*Clap clap*

After the show, I was still upset that I didn't get a goodie bag. So I went back again to the VIP Lounge and inquired. They immediately gave me one and told us that they had a shortage of the bags.

 Here's what's inside of the goodie bag.

I really did enjoyed the night. Even my brother thought that it was good but there were times that he yawned since fashion shows aren't his thing at all. Haha!

 This was actually my first time attending a PFW show. Although the ticket search was tiring, the show was oh so worth it! I'd like to thank Martha of The Beauty Junkee again for the chance to experience the event. I'll be looking forward to the next Philippine Fashion Week and the next show of Mr. Jerome Salaya Ang.



  1. Wow! I was informed by two of my winners that they didn't get goody bags. So sorry for that. :( Told Francis to give my winners the goody bags that were supposedly for me, but some of them left na. But I'm glad you liked the show. Congrats again and see you soon! :D

  2. Haha that's adorable that you went with your brother xD

  3. Martha - Yes. It was really confusing because there were shortages of the goodie bags. I didn't even know where we should be seated. Good thing I tried asking them again. :P Thanks again and see you soon on other events! :D

    Clee - yes! Although it hurts the wallet since I have to pay half of the price of his perfume. :))