Friday, May 04, 2012

Liz First Trip Out of the Country

Greetings ladies!

How's the weather back home? It's currently evening here in Canada. Today I won't be putting up any reviews or swatches yet since we haven't really gone anywhere but my aunt's neighborhood. 

So here's my first trip to Canada... 

Did not sleep cause our flight was at 6:20 am going to Hong Kong... I came with my aunt

We left so early that we literally saw the sun rise.

Arriving in Hong Kong Airport, we almost got lost looking for our gate.

I was tempted to visit the many beauty shops in Hong Kong Airport but thought better to not get tempted into buying any. I will splurge once we get the chance to visit MAC here. :) Hehehe.

The flight over was very turbulent. We almost weren't able to get out of seats because the captain would PA every hour to strap in.
Here's our welcoming crew. My two aunts and Father Lorenzo.

We went straight to my Aunt's house in Canada. She lives in what the call stack condos. They say the weather's better now. It's not that cold anymore. Today the temperature is 23 degrees celsius, not that cold, but you'd still need to wear a coat outside.


Here's where my aunt's place is. I wonder why we don't have these kinds of houses in the Philippines.

It's spring time here and as you can see, flowers have started sprouting.


Here's some tulips for Dawn to look at. These belong to my aunt's neighbor.

 I'll end my post with this. Tomorrow, which is later this night there, we're going down town to shop and tour. Hopefully, I get to buy make up stuffs already and make a haul post. :)



  1. Have tons of fun on your vacation~

  2. hehehe changi and the hk intl airport the best for shopping, along with bkk's international airport!
    hahaha pag dating dun, pwede na ko umuwi without even leaving the airport LOL

  3. @MissGennD and Carla Cee - thanks. hope to bring back tons of stuff.

    @marge - Was hoping we could get out of the airport to tour a little kaya lang 2 hours lang ang stay namin dun for the transfer.

  4. Wow enjoy! Update us with your pictures :)