Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Victoria's Secret Mosaic Lip Palette in Addictive

Hi ladies,

It's Victoria Day today (May 21) in Canada and since it's a holiday, our mall hopping activities are suspended. Since it's still technically Victoria day today, I'd like to share with you my Victoria's Secret Mosaic Lip Palette in Addictive.

- That did not come out as nicely as Dawn's Lazy Day post -

Anyway, here it is.

Honestly, the colors remind me of a blush Lisa Eldridge used in one of her videos. Was kind of hoping it was a blush rather than a lip gloss.

Here's the colors in the same order as the colors in the above picture
My lips without gloss

Swatches on the arm

and on paper

The glosses don't last that long and they feel a little dry when applied on the lips. I tend to have dry lips already so I don't use them often, also the colors aren't really my type . I think that there's not really much difference in the colors when applied.

I do not like the packaging of the gloss because the colors are too near each other so it gets messy when you use it. They did not provide a lip brush for it so you have to use your fingers, and the colors overlap on each other with every use. See how mine looks wiped off? We needed to do that so it won't look as messy.

I do like the big mirror though... which makes me think that they might have intended to make this a blush rather than a gloss.

So, in summary, I still prefer Victoria's Secret lingerie over this product of theirs.

That's it for my Victoria Day... It has also been quite a lazy day for me as well. How was your Victoria day?



  1. a drying gloss? weird product xP

  2. Please give the color names on the Addictive lip pallette.