Saturday, May 19, 2012

Klik Cracked Nail Polishes

Hey girls!

For the past year, the crackling polish has been quite popular. I started buying some to try them out. Some can be quite expensive and I find those who are around Php60 a good buy already.

Some months ago, I saw some bloggers posting about this OMG Cracked polish they bought from Landmark. These polishes apparently are very, VERY affordable and work well. I don't usually go to Trinoma nor in Makati where I get to visit Landmark and if I do, I don't check out the nail care area because I'm trying not to fill-up my already full toolbox of nail polishes.

But finally! I bought some of these polishes. 3 of them. All from Klik!! And indeed, they are super affordable! I bought a bronze, purple and pink colors.

The OMG ones are only Php34.75
while the little one is Php24.75.

I managed to take snap shots of what they look like when applied.

OMG Cracked Nail Polish in Bronze

That's my hand. I used a white base coat.

OMG Cracked Nail Polish in Amethyst

*Liz used this. She used a nude base coat here. :P

and lastly,

Klik Cracked Nail Polish in Pink

I find the red and pink crackling polish a good combination.

So that's all three! In fairness, they really work well compared to some crackling polishes I've tried. And they are soooo affordable!!! Yes, I can't stop saying that! :))

So if you love crackling polishes, or haven't tried yet and want to, go check these from Klik! :)



  1. I have three of the OMG ones. For the price, they're nice! And I don't usually use crack polishes so I don't find it practical for me to buy an expensive one :)

  2. Popblush - they are so adorable!

    Aya - Agree. I just really want to try them out because of the hype. :P