Monday, May 07, 2012

Makeup Experiment #04 : Katy Perry-Inspired

Hi everyone!

Here's another post about the makeup experiments that I did (and will still do when we get the chance) with my friends/ classmates. :P

Take note that everything -- from hair and makeup down to the photography and lighting were all done by us. Tee Hee.

If you'd like to check out our other makeup experiments that we have posted such as Geisha themed, Twiggy and Black Swan inspired, click HERE.

And for today's post, our theme is...

The very sexy, Katy Perry! ♥

and our model for the experiment is...
my good friend, Bel! :)
Btw, I also did her makeup there! Haha.

So why Katy Perry?
Well, we love teasing Bel as a boy. It's just because she has some boyish attitude at times but she claims she's a 'girly-girl.' What I mean to say is, for example, she wears a pink, tube top and then burps like a man. Haha! 

So just to continue the fun of teasing her, why not make her makeover inspired from Katy Perry's earlier song, "I Kissed a Girl" right? Hahaha!

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Anna Wamilda and me
Model : Bel Sarmiento
Photos by : Anna Wamilda and Me
Place taken : My room

And here are the pictures!

It took us more than a hundred shots in this makeover. It's hard to get Bel as feminine as this! Hahahahaa! Just kidding. :P

That's it!
What do you think?
Will she pass for a girly-girl with this makeup? Hahaha. 
Thoughts on our experiment? Suggestions on our next theme? Comment them below!

Stay tuned for more makeup experiments! ♥



  1. Wow! She does look like Katy Perry! Good job! :)

  2. That was awesome. She really looks like Katy Perry! :)


  3. Dawn- good job! kahawig nga ni katy perry. Sana ako din ma make over mo one day :) Di ko pa natry mag full makeup. Pag may wedding lang and abay ako. hehehe

  4. Shebby and Mish - Thanks! :D

    Kath - Sure! Let's set a meet-up/makeover! We can have an experiment with a theme too! Hihihihi. We can have guest blogging too! :D

  5. Ang pretty nya! You have a bunch of pretty friends!!! ^__^

    In fairness, she really looks like Katy Perry in thefirst pic! ^__^

    Great job, Dawn! ^__^

  6. Wow! fantastic makeover! she looks a lot like Katy Perry! prettY! ^_^~

  7. haha!
    lol at the burp part!

    i'm also like that though... minus the tube top. my arms are too big for just a tube top.LOL!

    but you did a pretty good job!
    love the look!
    i adore make-up looks like this!
    it brings out the feminine in every girl kasi e

  8. Galing! She really did looked like Katy Perry! Love the eyes!

  9. angelamhiere - So true! I'm lucky to be surrounded by pretty people! Haha!

    Janet - Thanks! :D

    ~tHiAmErE~ - Thanks! I love doing this makeup look on myself too! Haha! :)

    MissGennD - Thanks! :D

  10. Hello Katy Perry! Hehe. Galing! :)