Friday, May 25, 2012

Makeup Experiment #05 : Amy Winehouse-Inspired

 Hey everyone!

I'm backkk! :D

If you're not aware yet, I've been gone from blogging for a week because I was "laptop-less." My 3 year old laptop crashed and had to replace the hard drive. None of my files were recovered meaning, all my photos for future blog posts that I took are all gone! Plus all the other photos from important events in my life and also my digital artworks and photoshoots have disappeared... forever. 

*pants, cries, breaks down*

Well anyway, nothing I can do about it anymore. Will just have to restart again on things such as reinstalling some applications needed for my laptop, retake photos and download some songs and albums. Haha! It's weird looking at my laptop so clean and empty. :P

Good thing is that I usually upload some teaser photos of some of my makeovers so I managed to get a hold of some photos from one of our experiments. If you haven't checked some of my previous experiments with my friends, do check them out! We have different themes such as geisha and celebrity inspired makeovers!

This post's theme is inspired from...

Img Src:
The late Amy Winehouse.

 I think most of you would agree with me that Amy Winehouse is, no doubt, one of the most talented people to grace the music industry. Though she has left us in such a young age, she already left a great mark in today's generation. Plus, her image is already a classic with her big hair and bold winged eye liner!

 I was very excited to do this makeover!

Makeup by :Me
Hairstyle : Abby Ambrosio
Model : Anna Wamilda
Photos by : me
Fake Tattoo : Neysa Saguid
Place taken : My room

 So without further ado... 

Here are two of the pictures that I was able to save from the makeover.

It's very unfortunate that I only have two photos for this makeover now...
I remember I have so much photos in stock but I wasn't able to upload them yet since they have to undergo some processing and stuff. *sad*

But I hope you like the two photos. Anna sure did a great job modeling! Naks!

What do you think of the makeover? Any suggestions for our next theme?



  1. Ouch! That must be really painful. Maybe you should have an external hard drive backup? Anyway, this Amy Winehouse experiment you have is amazing!! I would love to see more! Oh and I'm so glad to have finally met you last night at the Benetton event. :) Hope to see you more in future events!

  2. Kai! I do have an external hard drive but I only save the important ones like my thesis and stuff. Glad you like the experiment! :)

    Happy to meet you! I barely know anyone since I don't go to much events. Looking forward to seeing you in future blogger events. :D

  3. that is so freakin bad ass! I wish i could sport a look like this!

  4. I'm singing Valerie again in my head. Great makeup experiment and the model's really good at posing like Amy Winehouse :)

  5. mestizay - should try it out!

    Gellie - Thanks! Anna would surely love reading your comment. :)