Monday, May 14, 2012

I ♥ My Mom : Our Mother's Day Celebration

 Hey everyone!

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day.
I actually prepared for this day weeks before. I just wanted to prepare something special for my dear mommy.

She always works hard everyday just so she can sustain to our every need ever since. She has been strong for us all this time and I just want to give her a little something for this special day.

So a week and a half before, I asked my bro what would be a good Mother's day present for our mom. It's a bit hard to think of options since we have financial limitations (we don't have jobs) and my mom can already get most of the things she wants (that we can afford). So we went to the mall browsing stores for hours.

We first decided to look for any yellow shoes or bags. My mom loves that color and she has always been looking for the perfect pair. Until now, she hasn't found THE BAG and THE PAIR OF SHOES. But we went to all the good stores (that, again, we could afford) and we found nothing good.

But at the last minute, when we almost given up hope, I realized -- why not get her something that I know I'm good at at choosing and she'll love at the same time? So on to the beauty section I go and looked for the perfect lipstick!

My mom isn't as fond of makeup as me and my sister are. Just a good powder to take the shine off her face and a pretty lipstick shade is enough for her.
I remember for all this years that most of my mom's lippies are of red violet to plum shades. She never wears red and stays away from bright pinks. So at least my options are narrowed down and I can concentrate on looking for the perfect lipstick for her.

Alas! I found it! I was at the Revlon Kiosk and saw this lipstick from their ColorBurst collection.
It was the perfect plum shade that I know would suit my mom. So I immediately bought it and got it wrapped.

Img Src:

Back home, I embellished the gift further by spray painting this old metal basket with gold, put some more gold ribbon on the gift and so on. 

And on the day itself, this is what awaits my mom...

I thought of making the room smell fancy. Our theme was supposed to be gold but my bro bought a bouquet of different color. I asked him to buy something in yellow or if possible, gold. But it seems to him that it's too predictable to buy something of her favorite color and so he went with pink instead. :P

I also added some mother's day card quotes that were printed in gold paper. :P

So when my mom got home (she's always away on weekends because of work), she was touched when she saw this. We even pretended that we didn't hear her coming in. She took the flowers, opened the gift and read the quotes while we were beside her. She was touched with our little effort. ♥

During the evening, we went out to eat dinner. We went to Little Asia at Tomas Morato. We really like the food there, we even got some delivered in our home quite a few times.
 My bro and my beautiful mom

 and me, wearing the newest lipstick in my stash...
MAC Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo
I will make a swatch post about this soon. :)

 After dinner, my mom even got some Mother's day gift from Little Asia. They gave out gifts for all the moms inside. How sweet of 'em!
We headed home and greeted and kissed our mom before heading to bed. :)

Oh, and prior to that day, my friends went to our house for a girly session! I colored their hair and did some nail art and such. We also had fun singing our lungs out with our magic sing and stuffed our stomachs with home-cooked spaghetti, Iced coffee and a Dulce de Leche cake.

Here's Renz's before and after pic of her hair.
She got Hortaleza Professionals' Golden Blonde DIY hair color. 

It was a fun and memorable weekend we had. 
How did you celebrate your weekend, particularly your mother's day?


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