Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi ladies!

Ok, I promise this is the last post of mine that does not contain any make up related stuff (except if Dawn'll tell me to make a pasalubong post.) I just had to post this cause I hit a pop up sale.

Cocktail rings for Dawn's collection.

A really nice belt for me cause I don't have a belt with this color.

And a pair of wedge to go with the belt. :)

 We actually bought 3 pairs of shoes but I won't be posting the other two since they're pasalubong for my cousin and aunt and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I was so happy with my purchases that day all because I got a nice deal out of everything. Also, SAs in the Aldo store were very helpful and nice. Actually in every store I've been to, everyone's so nice, well, Canadians are known for that. :)

I'd like to thank ERIN, the SA from the Aldo store in Yorkdale Mall who helped me while I was there. :) Hope you're reading this and hope you follow our blog too. :)

Oh, one last. I've been treated to so many good food places that I'd really want to put them here but thought better not to so here's a sample of the many yummy foods I've had the good chance to taste for free (libre ng mga tito at tita :) )

Well, that's it for me! Have a good day everyone! :)



  1. The sandals are so cute! I love shopping at Aldos :)

  2. @rinny - I know. I was lucky I got them on sale. :)