Thursday, May 24, 2012

Haul Post: When Kikay Tita Meets Kikay Niece

Hello ladies,

This is the good thing about kikay titas, they give you some of their stuff which they don't really use that often but are still really good. That's what happened to me when I met my uncle and her wife for the first time last week.

See, like most Filipino families, my mother's and father's family is big and we don't get to meet everyone in the family, especially when they start migrating to other countries. And that's the back story with me meeting a family member for the first time.

Anyway, my aunt told me she had a few make up stuffs that she'd only used once or she's never used at all and would like to get them off her hands. So, she gave them to me to either give away or keep.

Here they are:




Lipgloss palette + cream highlighter/blush: 

I had something similar to this one back in the day but due to some unfortunate circumstance it got lost and all I was left with was the brush. I still don't quite get what the one on the left most is.





Brush roll:




Eyeshadow Palette

Well, that's everything she gave me. If you want anything reviewed do leave a comment. This saved me a lot of money. Hopefully I get more hand me downs. :)

Oh and before I leave, as of this week, Dawn will not be able to regularly blog for a while as her dear lappy crashed. Hope it gets fixed quickly and some of her files recovered so she can blog again.



  1. Sana I have a kikay tita din.. *envy* :P

  2. it's always nice to receive makeup as gifts! please review and post an eotd for the mac pigments liz. they seem nice. and send my hello to dawn, i hope her lappy gets fixed soon.

    anyway, i have a giveaway going on. please join

    thanks. =)

  3. @gellie - yeah, we all want one. :)

    @love, chay - will do an eotd when I get back home. that will be my first agenda, cause currently I can't with all the rush comings and goings. will join your giveaway. :)