Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder

Good morning ladies,

One of the favorite make up looks for the summer season has been the bronzed look. Am I  right? And one of the key product for this look is, of course, a bronzer.

We have a pair of bronzers ourselves, and this we got a few months ago from a sale in Marionnaud (when it was still around of course), Guerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in no. 10 and no. 4

The bronzers come in different shades and caters to women of different skin tones/skin color so that they too can have that nice tanned look. Here's a link of their color list from Sephora.com.

What we love about these bronzers is that they are matte, light and easy to work with. 

Swatches on the arm.

Swatches on paper.

What it contains.

They're not hard to handle. It is quite pigmented but not too pigmented that you'll end up with a stark dark color on first apply. It's easy to blend and appears quite natural on the face. 

It is quite fragrant as well.

We also love the packaging because it looks so chic.

We don't only use these bronzers for bronzed-up looks we also use these for contouring and such. They are a joy to use during contouring because they go on so subtly but they just make the whole difference in the face. Plus it is long lasting so you don't have to keep applying from time to time.

Liz being a girl with a round face (more like a round head) just loves how these instantly gives her cheek bones and frames her face. Dawn also loves how it frames her face and enhances her bone structure.

All in all, it's a good purchase. We'd recommend it to any girls looking for a great bronzer who have the budget to boot. :)

Although the Guerlain is quite expensive so unless there's a sale, we wouldn't be buying one anytime soon (regular price is around Php1,500).

Anyway, I'm sure you ladies have your own bronzers and have done a bronzed-up summer look. If not, why not try it out with this one? :)



  1. i am really vexed that i wasn't able to drop by the time when marionnaud had that.

    i have a bronzer from them that i won on a giveaway.
    *checks mine*
    it says 'blush ultra natural sheer bronzing blush in 03 suntan'
    what the?!
    too long! lol

    though i hardly use because i'm not really a blush person but i do keep it on my kit pa din.

  2. @thiamere - we just happened to pass there at the right time. Dawn and Ate Trace just chanced on it and then told Liz about it. :)

  3. the price speaks for the quality. hahaha! :P

  4. Gellie - So true. That's why grab em when they are on sale! haha