Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Review: Missha The Style Silky Soft Base in Green

Hello ladies,

This will be my last post before I'm airborne. We bought a lot of Missha stuff lately. I bought the Missha The Style Silky Soft Base in Green and have given it a good try. Dawn currently has the Missha foundation and for the first look, I used that as my foundation.

So here's my bare face. Sorry about the big pimple on my forehead. I was sleeping at our sofa for quite sometime because of the heat.

Here's a swatch of the Missha make up base.

Here it is spread over the arm.

Here's my face with the make up base applied on. As you can see, the redness  over my foredhead, side of my nose and some on my cheeks, have been reduced.

As I said earlier, we used the Missha foundation.

And here's my face with the foundation applied on. Still, sorry about the zit.

I've also tried the make up base without putting foundation and just a loose powder on top.
No foundations just loose powder. :)

Also tried using a different foundation with it.

Lastly, tried it on different people with different skin type...
Here's my mom, she says she has normal skin cause she doesn't oil up when she does not have make up. She also claims to not have dry skin. She was only one of the other 3 people I used the make up base on.

Here's what it says:

SO here's what I think of the product. 

1. The make up base does reduce redness effectively. As we all know green concealers and make up bases are supposed reduce redness and this does just that. I've tried it with my mom and my sister and my aunt and the redness really reduced. However, for ripe red big pimples, use a concealers... as you've seen, it does not help much. :(

2. Foundations and loose powders last longer and give better coverage with the base on. Whenever I go without foundation and just put on the loose powder, the coverage never lasted longer than one class (which is about an hour). When I used the base and loose powder it lasted for at least half a day under the heat of summer. I was very impressed indeed. With the foundation, it lasted for the whole event, and it did not cake.

3. Delays the onset of oiliness. I always have this problem when applying make up, whenever I finish the whole thing and go downstairs, it takes only 15 minutes for me to start oiling up. However, with the base on, I waited for at least an hour without oiling up, and walked a couple of heat scorching distances and my face did not oil as much. My mom said it took at least 3 hours before her face got oily at the party.

4. It's light and has a silky finish. Compared to other make up bases I've tried, which are but a few, this does not feel sticky or heavy. It does not feel like it's choking up your pores. It feels quite light and natural. It also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth after.

5. I got it cheap. Got it for a discounted price of 199. I am not sure whether you'll be able to get it for that price as well.

What I like about it:
1. Packaging
2. Long lasting
3. The finish
4. Did everything it promised.

What I don't like:
1. The original price is a little too expensive for me.

So yeah... all in all, I really love this make up base. Would probably buy it again if I don't happen to find another one that's less expensive or that offers something better with the same price. :)

That's it for me for a while... will be heading to the airport in a couple of hours.

Canada here I come! :)



  1. Nice review! I haven't tried this one yet. I'm actually searching for a nice green primer/base that could help tone down the redness in my cheeks. This seems pretty interesting! thanks for sharing ^_^~

  2. I have a lot of redness on my skin so this makeup base would really help me! :D Will definitely try to get my hands on a tube. Hopefully I'd be hiyang.. ^^

  3. Where can I get this online? I can't find it anywhere D;

  4. Janet - Thanks and no problem! if you will try it out, let me know if you like it as well! :)

    Sumi - Hoping you get good results from it too! ♥

    Anna - I'm not really sure. We bought it at SM North EDSA and not online. :(