Thursday, May 03, 2012

Food Trip at Dillinger's 1903 and The Avengers Movie!

 Hiya folks!

Last Monday, I went to Greenbelt 3 to go on a food trip and watch the movie, The Avengers.
I was with Liz and my bro, Kevs.

We chose to go watch it at Greenbelt 3 since I would like to use a prize I received when I won the Birthday Giveaway of Sumi of The Purple Doll. One of the prizes were a voucher worth 1k at Dillinger's 1903. I haven't eaten there yet so I was curious and excited to try it out. Wooooo Steaaakks!

So I made a reservation the day before and also reserved some seats to watch The Avengers. People are raving about how awesome it was and of course, I wouldn't pass the chance to watch it at the big screen. I wasn't really a fan of Marvel heroes (except for Xmen I guess) but Robert Downey Jr. makes an excellent Ironman that I grew to love his character as Tony Stark! :P

Well, we aren't food bloggers so I'll just be quick with this and just share our experience. :P

 So here we are at Dillinger's 1903, Greenbelt 3, Makati

 Here's Liz eagerly waiting for the food to arrive.

 While I take vain pics. Haha. :P

 Onion rings and Caesar Salad for appetizers

And for our main course:
 Of course we ordered pasta, all three of us are pasta lovers! :P
Ordered Sausage Fettuccine.

 Fillet Mignon for me

 While Liz and Kevs both ordered Pepper Steak.

I am a dessert person so the first thing I looked for on the menu was the desserts section. I was disappointed that they only serve 2 which are vanilla ice cream and lava cake. So we ordered the Lava Cake and it was love at first bite! It was sooooo good! One of the best I've tried! I don't mind that they only have 2 dessert choices since I will be ordering this one every time for sure!

 The star of the whole meal : Lava Cake!

 We enjoyed our meal at Dillinger's 1903. The steaks were excellent and the dessert was Oh sooo gooood! We left the restaurant happy and with our stomachs full. ♥

We then proceeded to the movie area. We had to wait for an hour so we lounged around first. We didn't go window shopping since it might get us tempted to buy something. Haha.

Liz getting sleepy from waiting.

 Finally, we got to watch the movie.
It was really good. Not something that I'd consider a favorite but it is very entertaining. Especially Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Ironman and The Hulk's unexpected smashing and punching of people. Haha!

After the movie, we ate (again) at one of our favorite restaurants, Marciano's. We just ordered milkshakes, a salad, and one of my favorite cakes from there, Dulce de Leche.

It was a fun day. Something we don't get to do often nowadays. Anyway, Liz is currently at Canada now and will blog about her arrival tomorrow so stay tuned!



  1. You finally used the voucher! :D Yay! Glad you liked the food as much as we did.. ^^ Anyway, I still haven't watched The Avengers, but hopefully I'll be able to next week.. :D I'm no big comics fan too, but I really love Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark :D

  2. The food was awesome! Thanks for introducing us to the place! ♥ You should watch the movie! It's probably the summer favorite! Can't wait for July for "The Dark Knight Rises" though. :P