Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review : Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream

Hi loves! :)

I've been planning to post a review on this BB Cream for weeks now. I just kept forgetting to take pictures of the before and after looks. Haha! But here it is! Finally!

I got this BB for 101 points at Sample Room more than a month ago.

Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream

Full size: 40ml
Price: PHP 599
Info on the box:
It promises 8 benefits—Wow! When I read it, it really heightened my expectations.

Almost the same label is on the back of the tube.

More info from Sample Room's website:

Gluta Whitening BB Cream is a multi-benefit product that not only works externally -- it also penetrates deeper using breakthrough Nanotechnology to deliver 5 wonderful benefits to your skin.
It acts as a whitening cream with its glutathione and papaya extract to even out skin tone and promote healthy cell renewal. It acts as a tinted makeup base or sheer foundation because of its self-adjusting shade that complements all Asian skintones. It doubles as a moisturizer with shea butter and soothing aloe vera, and works as a toner with hazel extracts that treats blemishes. Finally, it protects your skin from harmful UV rays with SPF27.

The packaging is in tube form. It's very easy to squeeze out the product and it doesn't leak. 

Swatch on paper

on my arm

I like that it has a warm beige shade because it's closer to my skin tone. I'm quite impressed since I struggle at finding BB Creams that doesn't come off as too white, pink or gray.

Here it is when blended:
The area with the product looks glowing! I love the finish it gives. It's still not an exact shade but that's not a problem since a powder in my shade on top can fix it.

It has a faint scent and the consistency is creamy but easy to spread. It feels very light on skin too!

Check these before and after shots of my cheek:

It's lighter than my natural color but like I said earlier, a powder in my shade can fix it. It gives off a semi-matte, kinda dewy finish. The coverage is quite good for a BB cream which is a BIG plus for me!

Below is a picture after I top it off with my powder and the rest of my makeup:
Nice, eh?

I really do love the finish. Though I've given it much praise, there's one thing that I find disappointing with this product... it cakes on me! I've tried it with primer and without... even without powder on top... it still cakes after 5 hours. Maybe it's because of my very oily skin? 

And what do I think about the 8 benefits?
Well, I'm not pretty sure. I can't say that it healed my acne problems since I do have acne-prone skin and I deal with them with other skincare items. Did it lighten my face? I barely notice any change but do know that I often walk under the sun and I barely use items such as umbrellas to cover myself. :P I would have to agree that it moisturizes... pretty much... I get oily too soon! Haha!

 What I LIKE:

Warm tone
Feels light on skin
Semi-matte finish
Protects the skin from sun and maintains moisture
Faint scent
Creamy consistency and easy to spread
Locally available thru Tupperware sellers

What I am NEUTRAL about:

Doesn't help with oil control


It cakes on my oily face. :(
 The shade is suited with fair/light and medium skin only

Would I buy it again?
I like it but not too much to buy one again. The caking part is such a downer to me and I do like trying out new makeup. :P

Well, those are my thoughts on Colour Collection's Whitening BB Cream!
Have you tried this yet? What do you think about it? :)



  1. I also find this shade peculiar for a bb cream. Ususally even the good bb creams are a little bit greyish...

  2. I've heard a lot about this product and would also love to try them for myself. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who's selling Tupperware product :(

  3. Tellie - Well, I actually prefer BB's to be that way. I hope many BB's will come up with warmer shades!

    Angie - I don't either. You can try Sample Room? :)

  4. It definitely looks great right after you powdered it and I too fix slightly grayish bb creams with my own powder however caking is not good!

  5. Sharlynn - Caking is not good at all. This would have been an awesome BB if it wasn't for that. :(

  6. Can't believe I realize this just now, but you look like a younger Lorna Tolentino.

  7. Rae - Woah! That's one of the best compliments I've ever received! :3

  8. Love your review! Now I'm going to head in the dept. store to buy this bb cream haha I first read it on and I just need a second opinion about Colour collection's product :)