Monday, October 28, 2013

Event : Wacoal Perfect Fit Party

Hello pretties! 

Did you know that around 80% of women wear the wrong bra?
Even if you know what your bra size is, there is still a big possibility that the bra in that particular size is a wrong fit for you. Honestly, I have quite a number of bras that are not the right fit for me. But things are gonna change now that I learned a lot of things from this event I just attended.

Last Saturday, I went to an event by Wacoal in Makati.

It was held in their head office. It wasn't hard to find since I used to work in a place near that building before.

I met up with Helen on the way (we even had matching black clothes! Haha!) and once we got inside the location, we were given instructions on what will take place in the event and even handed us these papers where we can design our own bras!

We started coloring while waiting for our turn to get our sizes measured so that they can personally find the right undergarments for us to fit! Neat!

After they measured us, we took pictures of the place. In front of the office was their store where you can buy different Wacoal products. It's complete with their product catalogs and fitting rooms!

And we also took our refreshments! They've prepared snacks for us! So convenient for me since I was not able to take my lunch. :P

Some club sandwiches

 C2 Red Teas — they are one of the sponsors of the event

And these gorgeous cupcakes from Sweet Patti Cakes!

That bra design looks soooo cute! And I definitely love the one with Wacoal's logo on it... It has a cookie-like dough inside. Super yummmm!

For the main event, we had a presentation regarding how Wacoal aims to make every woman feel more beautiful and confident about themselves whatever your shape, age or size is. 

But in the middle of a presentation, we had a mini game so that the people inside the room would get to know each other better. I think this made the event more interactive. I actually liked it since most of the people in the event are fashion bloggers which I haven't met before.

After the game, They explained to us how the female body changes while aging. As we get older, our body tissues are not the same anymore and it leads to sagging skin and breasts. And also, our bodies also get fatter or thinner so our sizes change everytime. These events lead to a change in the types and sizes of garments we use. 
But why is the right undergarment so important? It is because it makes you feel comfortable and makes the body's figure looking much better leading to a more confident you!

So what are the things you should remember when buying the right bra?

1. Don't neglect the fitting process.
2. Fit the bra and move around it.
3. Don't go to a store that refuses fittings (these are for bras. I understand why they don't allow it for panties, etc.)
4. Try 2 or 3 items on instead of just one.

And they also shared with us the proper ways on how to wear our bras:

After the presentation, Pevonia, one of the sponsors, also took the stage to give us an introduction on what the brand is all about.

Elaine and Jen told us that Pevonia is a Swiss brand that utilize highly advanced technology to create the finest skincare products. They have a wide variety of items that are used in many spas all around the world. Famous personalities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Beyonce and Will Smith use it. Pevonia products are cruelty free and has eco packaging (fully recyclable). They also support  environmental conservation and philanthropic organizations. 
After the presentation, they gave us loot bags so that we can try their products which I'm sure I'll enjoy using! :D

The event doesn't stop there, we also had fun taking pictures at the photo booth! Here I am posing with blogger friends—Helen, Carizza and Blair!

There were also boxes for each of us containing undergarments in our sizes that we can fit. We can choose items that we want to take home that are worth Php 3,000. But if we wanted more, we were free to buy it. Here are the bras that fit me perfectly:

And below is the loot I received from Pevonia:

To know more about Pevonia and their products, visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@pevoniaph).

And remember the bra designs we made? We just submit them and we get to take home all these too! These are from the other event sponsors— Goody, Mir & Ryvi, Zenutrients and C2.

also, for more info and products from Wacoal, check out their:
Instagram (WacoalPH)

I guess that's it! I shall update you with how my new bras perform sometime soon. Can't wait to finally use them and of course the other products from the sponsors. Will post reviews soon! :D



  1. But what about flat chested people like me? T_T

  2. Hollie - I'm starting to love them too! :D

    Tellie - They have some of that! Ask Helen! :P